Our Publications

Harvard Law School research programs, faculty members and students produce a wide variety of publications, including books and scholarly journals. Listed below is a sampling of this rich body of work. For additional information, please see individual faculty pages and research program listings.

Faculty Publications

For a complete listing of faculty publications, please visit the Harvard Law School Faculty Bibliography database.

Student Publications

For a complete listing of student publications, please visit Journals and Publications.

Pricing and subscriptions

Contact the Student Journals Office for pricing and subscription information.

Alumni Publications

 Harvard Law Bulletin
The Harvard Law Bulletin is the magazine of record for Harvard Law School. Published two times per year, the Bulletin draws on the work of the school's faculty, students and alumni.
 Harvard Law Today
Harvard Law Today is an eight-page tabloid that focuses on news at Harvard Law School. Published four times during the academic year, HLT is mailed to  alumni of Harvard Law School and it is distributed to faculty, students and staff on campus.

Harvard Law School Case Studies
Visit The Case Studies website 
to access HLS cases developed
as part of the Program on 
Negotiation, the Problem Solving 
Workshop, the Case 
Development Initiative and the 
Harvard Negotiaton and 
Mediation Clinical Program
among others.

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