Academic Calendar: 2008-09

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August 18 & 19, 2008Graduate Program - New Student Check-in (LLM and SJD)
August 20-29, 2008LLM Orientation
August 28, 20081L/LLM Registration
August 28-31, 20081L Orientation
September 2, 2008Continuing Student Registration
September 2, 20081L Fall Term Classes Begin
September 3, 2008Upper-level Classes Begin
September 2-5, 2008Upper-level Waitlist Processing and Add/drop (Fall Clinical Courses)
September 2-9, 2008Upper-level Waitlist Processing and Add/drop (Fall Non-Clinical Courses)
October 13, 2008Columbus Day – Holiday for 1Ls
October 20-24, 2008Fly-Out Week/Fall Term Break
October 27-30, 2008Winter/Spring Clinical Registration
November 3-6, 20082L/3L Winter Registration
November 10-13, 20081L Spring International/Comparative Registration
November 11, 2008Veterans Day – Classes for All Students
November 17-20, 20082L/3L Spring Elective Registration
November 18-21, 20081L Spring Elective Registration
November 26-28, 2008Thanksgiving Break
November 27-28Registrar's Office Closed
December 5, 2008Upper-level Fall Term Classes End
December 12, 20081L Fall Term Classes End
December 8-18, 2008Upper-level Fall Term Exam Period
December 22, 2008-January 2, 2009Holiday Break for All Students
December 25, 2008-January 2, 2009Registrar's Office Closed
January 5-14, 20091L Fall Term Exam Period
January 5, 2009Winter Term Classes Begin
January 5 & 6, 2009Upper-level Waitlist Processing and Add/drop (Winter/Spring Term)
January 19, 2009Martin Luther King Day – Holiday for All Students
January 20-23, 2009Waitlist Processing (Spring Clinical Courses)
January 22, 2009Winter Term Classes End
January 26, 2009Winter Term Exams
January 26, 20091L Spring Term Classes Begin
January 26--30, 20091L International/Comparative Waitlist Processing
January 27, 2009Upper-level Expected Fall Grade Release
February 2, 2009Upper-level Spring Term Classes Begin
February 2-6, 2009Waitlist Processing for All Students and Add/drop (Spring Non-Clinical Courses)
February 11, 20091L Expected Fall Grade Release
February 16, 2009Presidents Day – Classes for All Students
February 19, 2009Upper-level Expected Winter Grade Release
March 23-27, 2009Spring Break
April 13-14, 2009Clinical Course Registration
April 16-17, 2009Legal Professional Course Registration
April 21-24, 2009Multi-section Course Registration
April 29-July 10, 2009Fall Elective Course Registration
May 1, 2009Spring Term Classes End for All Students
May 4-15, 2009Spring Exam Period for All Students
June 1, 2009Spring Term Expected Grade Release for June 2009 Graduates
June 3, 2009Class Day
June 4, 2009Commencement Day
June 17, 2009Spring Term Expected Grade Release for 1L and 2L Students
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