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JD/Master in Business Administration (MBA)


The JD/MBA program at Harvard offers students an unparalleled combination of legal and business education. Students get both degrees in four, rather than five years, while participating in the academic and social life of both schools.


In the first two years of the program, students spend a full year at each school; either can come first. In the third and fourth years, students are enrolled in, and take courses at, both schools. Joint enrollment allows students to be fully integrated into both schools during those years.


Prospective students must apply to and be separately admitted to both HLS and HBS, each of which will independently review and admit applicants.  Students can apply to both schools in the same admissions season, or apply to the second school while enrolled in the first year at the other.  

Tuition and Financial Aid

Because JD/MBA students receive both degrees in four, rather than five years, they save one year of tuition.  Financial aid decisions are made by HLS for the 1L year and for the fourth year in the program.  HBS makes financial aid decisions for the first year at HBS and for the third year in the program.

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