Meet the Staff

Lisa Burns, Registrar
(617) 495-5440
Academic policy, reporting and general questions

Susan Salvato, Associate Registrar for Operations
(617) 496-4565
Classroom assignments for make-up classes and requests for classroom space during the academic year

Ellen Holloway, Associate Registrar for Curriculum and Academic Services
(617) 495-5950
Grading, leaves of absence, advising, written work, curriculum, course catalog

Megan Markov, Associate Registrar for Enrollment and Technology
(617) 495-7950
Reporting, general questions, exams, enrollment

Samantha Fitzgerald, Registration and Exam Administrator
(617) 495-4605
Registration, enrollments, add/drop/waitlisting, course auditing, incoming cross-registration, exams

Kristina Barrett, Curriculum and Academic Services Administrator
(617) 384-7778
Curriculum, course catalog, advising, written work, withdrawals, outgoing cross-registration 

Michelle Pessinis, Student Data Coordinator
(617) 495-1707
Reporting, general data and Helios questions

Caitlin Mason, Transcript Coordinator 
(617) 495-3194
Transcripts, Bar forms, certificates of attendance, degree verifications 

Kerri Brummel, Staff Assistant
(617) 495-4612
General inquiries, class recordings, SeatGen/Seating Assignments

General questions can also be sent to

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