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December 2010

With the arrival of the winter solstice this week, we were greeted by an unexpected snowfall in Cambridge. While mild compared to the wintry blast that has struck other parts of the country, for a few hours at least, it cast a pleasant coating of snow across the campus.

The close of the calendar year is a time for us to reflect on a year of great accomplishment by our students, our faculty, and our alumni. Samplings of those accomplishments are captured in this month’s edition of HLS Brief.  In particular, I call your attention to the important FutureEd 2 conference which was recently held on campus that explored the profound changes that globalization is bringing about in legal education.

This month we also kicked off the 125th anniversary celebration of the Harvard Law School Association with wonderful events in Dallas and Houston. HLSA events are a reminder that there has never been a better time to engage with one of the oldest and most important alumni organizations in the world.

Many thanks to all of you who supported the school throughout the year by advising students, serving as volunteers, informing us of job opportunities for students and alumni, and providing generous support to the school.  Your commitment to HLS is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year.

Steven Oliveira

Steven Oliveira
Associate Dean and Dean for
Development and Alumni Relations



Marshall Sonenshine
Marshall Sonenshine '85, HLS Fund Chair
As Chair of the Harvard Law School Fund I take enormous pride in our institution’s role in American and global society at this challenging time. Our faculty and alumni are unparalleled leaders in public and private life, from law to government to teaching to business and the arts. The Harvard Law School Fund provides financial stability to HLS —it ensures that HLS can withstand economic adversity and minimize the impact of fiscal fluctuations on the Law School community. Unrestricted gifts provide a crucial bridge between tuition revenue and the actual cost of running the School, offering relief to the operating budget and directly affecting students, faculty and numerous programs. Most importantly, unrestricted gifts, regardless of the size, allow the Dean to respond to the School’s most pressing financial concerns and provide the flexibility to seize unique and important opportunities.

I am truly grateful for the leadership and support of so many HLS alumni who support the HLS Fund. HLS would not be what it is today without this active involvement. The engagement of alumni allows the School to support its students and ensure that the excellence of the Harvard Law School experience continues to be available to current and future students.

HLS Fund Website

FCC FCC Passes 'Net Neutrality' Internet Regulations
The Federal Communications Commission passed controversial new rules on December 21 that prevent Internet providers from playing favorites or blocking access to Web sites that offer rival services. The 3-2 vote marks a major victory for FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski '91, who has spent more than a year trying to craft a compromise. Read More

NPR: FCC Passes Net Neutrality Rules
Time Magazine's People Who Mattered:
Elizabeth Warren
Time Magazine details the 'Highs' and 'Lows' of the People Who Mattered in 2010. Read about Elizabeth Warren, Presidential Adviser, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and why she made Time Magazine's prestigious list. Read More
  FutureEd 2 FutureEd 2: A Major Conference Explores How Legal Education Will Change Amidst Rapid Globalization (Video)
Legal education is in a period of profound and much-needed change. That was the unanimous assessment of a group of experts at FutureEd 2, a major conference at Harvard Law School that attracted more than 150 legal educators, practitioners, businesspeople and students from around the world. Read More

Globalization, Lawyers and Emerging Economies: An Overview
Scott and Committee on Capital Markets Regulation Issue Report on 2010 Performance of U.S. Public Equity Markets
The Committee on Capital Markets Regulation, an independent research organization directed by Harvard Law School Professor Hal Scott, reported on December 9 that, during the first 3 quarters of 2010, the competitiveness of U.S. public equity markets in global markets showed slight improvement over 2009. However, performance is still not back to pre-crisis levels. Read More

Scott Advises the Financial Stability Oversight Council on the Dodd-Frank Act
HLS Trial Advocacy Team Wins National Competition in Puerto Rico
Harvard Law School became the first-ever repeat-winner of the National Puerto Rico Trial Advocacy Competition. Returning as defending champions, the Harvard Law School Trial Team advanced to the semi-finals with the highest score and remained undefeated throughout the competition, edging out Georgetown Law in the final round to win first place. The prestigious “invitation- only” competition was sponsored by the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico School of Law and the Puerto Rico Bar Association October 28-30. Read More
HLS Dissertation on the Formation of the Modern Philippine State Wins William Nelson Cromwell Prize
Anna Leah Fidelis T. Castañeda LL.M. ’96 S.J.D. ’09 was awarded the William Nelson Cromwell Dissertation Prize for her Harvard Law School S.J.D. dissertation: “Creating Exceptional Empire: American Liberal Constitutionalism and the Construction of the Constitutional Order of the Philippine Islands, 1898-1935.” Read More
Bebchuk in Project Syndicate: Pricing Corporate Governance
In an op-ed for Project Syndicate, "Pricing Corporate Governance," Harvard Law School Professor Lucian Bebchuk LL.M. '80 S.J.D. '84 discusses how markets price the corporate-governance provisions of companies. He also details his findings from a recent study "Learning and the Disappearing Association between Governance and Returns"  with HLS Visiting Professor of Law Alma Cohen and HLS Lecturer in Law and Economics Charles C.Y. Wang. Bebchuk is director of the Corporate Governance Program at Harvard Law School. He is co-author, with Holger Spamann, of "Regulating Bankers’ Pay." Read More

Kenneth Frazier

Kenneth Frazier '78

Appointed New Chief Executive Officer
of Merck & Co.
Walter Schindler

Walter L. Schindler '80
Profile of Managing Partner and Founder of Sail Venture Partners, One of the Nation's Leading Clean-Tech Investment Firms
Sheela Murthy

Sheela Murthy '87

Receives the 2010
Maryland Business
Philanthropy Award

Roderick L. Ireland LL.M. '75

New Chief Justice of the
Massachusetts Supreme
Judicial Court

Women's Law Association Conference
The Harvard Women's Law Association's Fifth Annual Conference – This is What Equality Looks Like: The World We Want for Women and Girls.

The conference will include four impressive panels, Judiciary, Economics, Girls, and Health, as well as a Keynote Address, which will be announced at a later date. Cocktails and dinner with the panelists will follow the conference.  Additional details about the conference and dinner registration will be posted at a later date.

Friday, February 11, 2011
Ropes-Gray Room, Pound Hall, Harvard Law School

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Read More
Traphagen Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series
Established in 1996 to foster interaction between students and alumni, the Traphagen Distinguished Alumni Speakers Series (TDASS) invites Law School alumni back to campus to speak informally with students about their careers.

Wednesday, February 23
Adebayo Ogunlesi M.B.A. ’78/J.D. ’79
Global Infrastructure Partners

Spring Reunion
Save the Date: April 8-10, 2011
Classes of 1961, 1971, 1976, 1986, 2001 and 2006

To learn more about the program and activities being planned for Spring Reunion Weekend 2011, please visit the Reunion Weekend website.

Spring Reunion Weekend Website

New to Law School, but Veterans of War and Service
From helping to prosecute Saddam Hussein to targeting enemy combatants to defending fellow service members, seven active duty or military veterans served in the war efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, or both, and have matriculated at HLS this year. All seven recently told their stories to HLS writer Elaine McArdle. Read More
Five from Harvard Law School Awarded Skadden Fellowships
Four Harvard Law School students and one recent graduate have been chosen to receive Skadden Fellowships to support their work in public service. This prestigious fellowship was awarded to 29 people this year.  The Harvard Law School recipients are Elizabeth Benton ’11, Stephen Cha-Kim ’11, Dustin Saldarriaga ’11, Emily Werth ’11 and Michael Zabelin ’10. Read More

Alberto Ruisanchez '01: Fighting Those who Discriminate Against Minorities and Persons with Disabilities
As the son of Cuban immigrants, Alberto Ruisanchez was greatly influenced by his parents' stories about the lack of freedom under Fidel Castro, and at an early age came to understand the importance of civil liberties and the opportunities offered by this country. Today, Ruisanchez is putting these lessons into practice by working as a trial attorney with the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, helping to protect the rights of persons with disabilities and previously working to combat discrimination in voting, housing, and places of public accommodation. Read More
The HLS Public Service Tradition Continues After Graduation
The American Immigration Lawyers Association recently selected Marilia Zellner '00 as the inaugural “Face of AILA.” Marilia is a supervising immigration attorney for Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto. She works with the poor immigrant community of East Palo Alto and also conducts many volunteer immigrants’ rights training programs on weekends. In 2008, Marilia was chosen as an AILA Pro Bono VIP, the highest level of recognition under the AILA Member Pro Bono Pledge program, which recognizes a nonprofit legal service provider for more than 150 hours of service outside of daily work. Read More
Advice to Future Social Entrepreneurs:
"Go for it" (Video)
Beginning in 2013, Harvard Law School’s new Public Service Venture Fund will provide $1 million per year in grants to support new and recent graduates who will be working for public service employers, and also to support those who want to start their own organizations. With this commitment, the School is enhancing its focus on entrepreneurship in general and social entrepreneurship specifically—to encourage current students to pursue their own ideas and to prepare students who might want to apply for support from the fund and other sources of assistance for public service enterprises. Read More
In Their Own Words: Chayes Fellows Share Stories of Experiences Abroad (Audio)
This fall, more than 20 recipients of the 2010 Chayes International Public Service Fellowship gathered at the home of Antonia Chayes, widow of HLS Professor Abram Chayes '49, to share stories of their fellowship experience. An international public service program founded in memory of Chayes, the Chayes Fellowships allow Harvard Law School students to spend eight weeks working with governments of developing nations and those making difficult transitions to peace, stability, and democracy, and with inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations that support them. Read More
Goldsmith Goldsmith in The Washington Post: Ghailani Verdict Makes Stronger Case for Military Detentions
The Obama administration's critics are missing the point on Ahmed Ghailani. Their reaction to his acquittal this week on 284 criminal counts and conviction on only one exaggerates both the vices of civilian courts and the virtues of military commissions. And it elides an important alternative to trial in either forum - military detention without trial - that today looks more attractive than ever as a means for incapacitating terrorists. Read More
Fernandez In Memoriam: Former Providence City Solicitor Joe Fernandez '91
Joe Fernandez, a former city solicitor in Providence who ran unsuccessfully for state attorney general this year, died December 18. He was 46. A Democrat, Mr. Fernandez worked in New York City and Providence as a business lawyer and litigator before being appointed city solicitor in 2003 by Mayor David Cicilline. He left the post last year to run for office. Mr. Fernandez, a Brown University alumnus and a 1991 graduate of Harvard Law School, co-chaired Harvard classmate Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in Rhode Island in 2008. Read More

Boston Foreclosure Fighters: Banks Are 'Deceptive In Hosts of Ways'
When Sandra Douglas, 60, received a letter on her door saying that the Boston house she had been renting for 25 years had been foreclosed on and that she had to vacate the premises immediately, she had no idea what to do. Through City Life and Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, Douglas learned that she didn't have to actually leave her house until a judge mandated that she do so and that she should never accept an offer of "cash for keys" from any bank trying to push her as quickly as possible out of her house. Read More
Anne Healy '12: Law and International Development
For three years prior to enrolling at Harvard Law School, Anne Healy '12 worked in the field of international development in East Africa, feeding her interest in governance issues and institutions. Today, she’s the co-president of the Harvard Law and International Development Society (known as LIDS), a home for students interested in working at the cutting edge of issues in law and development. Read More

Wilkins In Chair Lecture, Wilkins Discusses Educating Global Lawyers (Video)
Harvard Law School Professor David Wilkins ‘80 delivered a lecture, “Making Global Lawyers: Legal Education, Legal Paradox, and the Paradox of Professional Distinctiveness” this fall to mark his appointment as the Lester Kissel Professor of Law. HLS Dean Martha Minow introduced Wilkins, HLS’s first vice dean of global initiatives on the legal profession, noting: “The match between David Wilkins and the Lester Kissel professorship is really quite extraordinary.” Lester Kissel ’31 established a professorship in ethics at HLS reflecting his “abiding concern for the critical importance of ethical practice in the legal profession."
Read More | Watch Video
Fried Argues for Constitutionality of the Health Care Mandate (Video)
As part of the 2010 National Lawyers Convention in Washington, D.C., HLS Professor Chares Fried participated in a debate on the constitutionality of the federal health care legislation—the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—signed into law by President Barack Obama ’91 last March. The act regulates the insurance industry, forbidding denials of coverage for those with preexisting conditions, for example. It also includes the requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance (known as “the individual mandate”) and has been met with legal challenges, two of which are still ongoing.  Read More | Watch Video
Palfrey Palfrey Proposes a New Digital Legal Information Environment for the Future (Video)
In a lecture marking his appointment as the Henry N. Ess III Professor at Harvard Law School, Professor John G. Palfrey ’01 called for a new legal information system "grounded in a set of open data."  Palfrey, who is also the vice dean for library and information resources at HLS, delivered the lecture to a standing-room audience of colleagues and students in the Caspersen Room in Langdell Hall, home of the Harvard Law School library.  Introducing the lecture, Dean Martha Minow noted that the award of the Ess professorship to Palfrey “is especially wonderful” because Ess, like Palfrey, was extraordinarily devoted to the collection and preservation of law books. Read More | Watch Video
Goldberg, Smith Goldberg and Smith on "Introductions to U.S. Law" of Torts and Property (Video)
The Harvard Law School Library recently hosted Professors John Goldberg and Henry Smith for a discussion of their contributions to Oxford University Press’s new series, “Introductions to U.S. Law” (2010). “The premise of this series, it’s fair to say…has been to find a way to work back and forth between a broad general understanding of a subject, like torts or property, and the particulars with which we as professors and you as students get obsessed in the course of learning a subject like torts or property,” Goldberg said. Read More | Watch Video

Sachs and Kennedy Debate "Stones of Hope" and the Relationship Between Poverty and Development (Video)
Harvard Law School Professor Duncan Kennedy and Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University professor and special adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General, discussed a new collection edited by HLS Professor Lucie White ’81 and Jeremy Perelman, S.J.D. ’11, before a large audience at HLS. That collection—“Stones of Hope: How African Activists Reclaim Human Rights to Challenge Global Poverty”—combines case studies from activists with theoretical essays on development to “tackle problems of disenfranchisement and poverty in the world,” said HLS Professor William Alford ’77, vice dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies, who introduced the discussion of the book. Read More | Watch Video
The Ripples of Brown v. Board
Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow said she set out to write a book that acknowledged the limitations but celebrated the achievements of the 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. The result was “In Brown’s Wake: Legacies of America’s Educational Landmark," which was the cornerstone of a two-panel discussion at Harvard on December 4. Read More
William T. Coleman: "Counsel for the Situation: Shaping the Law to Realize America's Promise"
William T. Coleman, the venerable civil rights lawyer who served on the Brown v. Board of Education case, as counsel to the Warren Commission, as Secretary of Transportation in the Gerald Ford Administration, as well as many other important positions in the public and private sphere, discussed his newly released account of his career, Counsel for the Situation: Shaping the Law to Realize America's Promise at a Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice event at Harvard Law School in early December. Read More | Watch Video
Meeting the Challenge
HRP Lecturer on Law Bonnie Docherty Authors Comprehensive Book on Cluster Munitions
Bonnie Docherty, Human Rights Program Lecturer on Law and senior researcher in the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch, has written a new book entitled “Meeting the Challenge: Protecting Civilians through the Convention on Cluster Munitions.” The 225-page report, published by Human Rights Watch, draws on a decade’s worth of research by Human Rights Watch, and by Docherty in particular, a leading expert on cluster munitions. Read More
Michael Kellogg '82, "Three Questions We Never Stop Asking"
In this excellent introduction to the essential issues that have preoccupied philosophers throughout the centuries, author Michael Kellogg provides fresh and engaging portraits of the greatest thinkers on each of these questions: Plato and Wittgenstein on the possibility of philosophical knowledge; Kant and Nietzsche on the existence of God; Aristotle and Heidegger on human virtue. The first member of the pair is a builder, the second a destroyer. One explores the promise of a theory, the other the consequences of its ruin. Read More

HLS Connect
Register for HLS Connect
HLS Connect is an online networking and advising tool where alumni can register, search and connect with other alumni. The information can be searched and shared by name, location, class year, current or past employment, practice area or type of work, just to name some of the categories. HLS Connect also provides an opportunity for alumni to serve as advisors to current students and other alumni sharing career advice and expertise.
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Success Story

Mentor and Mentee:
From left, Leo Wise ’03 and Bryson Morgan ’11

An HLS Mentoring Success Story
A self-proclaimed “political junkie,” Bryson Morgan ’11 worked after college for the Utah Democratic Party and saw firsthand the influence special interest groups and lobbyists can have on the political process. In part, he came to HLS out of a desire to address the ethical issues that arise out of this influence.

At the end of his first semester, Morgan expressed his interest in ethics and working on Capitol Hill to Joan Ruttenberg at HLS’s Bernard Koteen Office of Public Interest Advising. Ruttenberg, who directs the Heyman Fellowship Program, which supports HLS students and graduates who want to pursue careers in federal government, put him in touch with Leo Wise ’03, a former Heyman Fellow who had just been selected to head the Office of Congressional Ethics in the U.S. House of Representatives and who was coming to campus to speak that very day. Read More

Dean Minow Travels to California to Meet with Alumni in a Series of Receptions
Read more and view images from the recent Dean's Receptions that took place in San Francisco and Menlo Park:

December 8 - San Francisco, CA
December 9 - Menlo Park, CA

HLSA Celebrating the 125th Anniversary
2011 marks the 125th Anniversary of the Harvard Law School Association. The Association serves to engage 37,000 members worldwide by supporting and sponsoring programming, events and activities, providing a vital link between Harvard Law School and its alumni body. To mark this event, the Association will host a number of receptions and dinners worldwide.  Read more and view images from recent events held in Texas.

December 6 - Dallas, TX

December 7 - Houston, TX
 Arabia Harvard Law School Association of Arabia
Established last year, HLSAA is Harvard Law School's newest alumni association.  Its aim is to forge links between HLS alumni from and in the Arab World, as well as to promote the rule of law in the region.  All HLS alumni who originate from, live in or have a strong connection with the Arab World are warmly invited to attend our events and to enjoy the benefits of being part of a region-wide graduate community. Read more about the Association and the March 25, 2011 Reception to celebrate the HLSA's 125th Anniversary. Read More

Harvard Law School Association of Arabia Website

February 11, 2011
San Diego, CA
HLSA of San Diego General Counsel Series
Breakfast with Jerry Lovejoy '78
General Counsel of El Pollo Loco
University Club Atop Symphony Towers
750 B Street, Suite 3400, San Diego, CA 92101
RSVP: Download the flyer (PDF)
Approved for one hour California State Bar MCLE credit.
February 15, 2011
Miami, FL
HLSA of Florida
Commemorating the HLSA 125th Anniversary
Reception with Dean Martha Minow
Save the Date

This is one of many events in celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Harvard Law School Association. The Association serves to engage 37,000 members worldwide by supporting and sponsoring programming, events and activities, providing a vital link between Harvard Law School and its alumni body. To mark this event, the Association will host a number of receptions and dinners worldwide.
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