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  • Find an Article

    Find an Article

    Find articles in legal and other academic literatures, in working paper collections and in newspapers.

  • Find a Book

    Find a Book

    Find books available in the Harvard Law School Library, other Harvard Libraries, and around the world.

  • Find a Database

    Find a Database

    Find databases for legal and law-related research, as well as for empirical, statistical and data-related research.

  • Research a Topic

    Research a Topic

    Find research guides and other resources by topic, from Administrative Law to World Trade Law.

  • Empirical Research Services

    Empirical Research Services

    Find useful resources for designing, constructing and analyzing an empirical research study.

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    Teaching, Learning, Curriculum Solutions

    Find out about the services available from the teaching, learning, curriculum solutions group.

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    The Case Studies

    Find information on preparing, finding and using case studies through the Harvard Law School Case Studies program.

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