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Instructions for Subcites

Editors: Arrange for Space

Editors must either contact Alethea Jones or register to pre-arrange for subcite space within the Library. We ask for a minimum of one week advance notice. Each article will be assigned a shelving area and a borrowing card. The borrowing card is simply an ID card kept on file at the Circulation Desk to which the Library will charge your materials (e.g., HAR Subcite—Smith article). Other Harvard Libraries require the use of individual Harvard IDs and hold you personally responsible for the materials charged and any fines incurred. Subcite materials must remain on their designated shelves.
Editors need to know the exact dates of your subcite to arrange for shelving. We advise that you keep your requests to the minimum amount of time needed. You may extend end dates as needed by contacting Alethea Jones. It is best to leave a copy of your article in the designated shelving area.

Subcite Book Gatherers

Your editor will give you a list of materials that you are responsible for collecting from the Law Library and perhaps other libraries on campus. After you have gathered your Law Library materials, bring them to the Circulation Desk. We will charge them to a borrowing card created specifically for your journal article rather than your own ID. We then insert bookmarks instructing the shelvers not to re-shelve your materials. You may then bring your material upstairs to the fourth floor, in the reference section, where you will have shelves labeled for your subcite. The following items may not be charged to the subcite area: primary law materials, looseleafs, materials from Special Collections, and ILS Reading Room materials. If you are unclear on what circulates, please ask at either of the Circulation or Reference desks. Book trucks are available to house non-circulating items for your use for the day.
Please do not shelve materials in your area that have not been properly charged out. These will be re-shelved without warning.

Materials at Other Harvard Libraries

As other Harvard Libraries do not accept our subcite borrowing cards; you are responsible for retrieving and charging out materials from other Harvard libraries to your own individuals IDs. You will be responsible for renewal and return of these materials. Materials from other libraries may be housed in the Subcite Areas at your own risk. However, HLS Library staff will not assist in locating lost non-law school library books and cannot negotiate billing with other Harvard Libraries.

Interlibrary Loan Books

Interlibrary Loan books cannot be placed on a subcite shelf. Subciters can make copies of the needed pages and keep those copies on the subcite shelf.

Top Three Mistakes to Avoid
  1. Books being re-shelved prematurely: Books will be filed back into the collection without warning if:
    • they are left out on tables
    • they are shelved in with another subcite that is finished
    • they do not have the proper subcite charge slip indicating that the materials have been correctly charged through Circulation. (Law School materials only).
  2. Getting term billed for overdue fines and unreturned books: When subciters forget to renew and/or return books that they have charged out from other libraries, they will be billed!
  3. Not giving yourself enough time for ILL (2-3 weeks): When Harvard University does not own materials that are needed for research, it is possible for the library to borrow these materials from another school. However, the Harvard Law Library will not borrow materials that are already owned by other Harvard University libraries, unless these materials are unavailable for use.

The Research Services librarians, 617-495-4516, including your liaison, are happy to assist you with any reference questions that come up.

Last modified: August 20, 2014

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