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Rhythmyx Reference Guide

The Rhythmyx Reference Guide is a general training document provided by our CMS vendor at the time of the website's launch.
This document covers the following:

The Content Explorer

  • logging in/out

  • changing communities

  • using the action menu
  • creating a folder

  • moving items in a folder

Creating, Editing and Previewing Content Items

  • creating content items

  • generic page

  • news article

  • managed link

  • image (non-conforming)

  • pull quote

  • spotlight image

  • fragment

  • using the body content editor

  • insert hyperlink

  • insert inline link

  • insert inline image

  • editing a content item
  • previewing a content item

Active Assembly 

  • using Active Assembly

  • adding items to a slot
  • moving items around in slots

  • changing the snippet template in a slot

  • editing items in a field


  • landing pages and section images

  • adding landing pages


  • standard workflow functional roles

Rhythmyx Quick Reference Guide

The Rhythmyx Quick Reference Guide is an edited version of the guide provided by the vendor and includes some HLS-specific examples. It includes instructions on:

  • logging in/out of Rhythmyx

  • creating pages

  • working with the Ephox body content editor
  • adding content to pages

  • adding headings to a page

  • creating lists on a page

  • creating tables

  • adding a link or hyperlink to a page
  • linking to a PDF or Word document

  • adding anchor tags

  • creating images and banner images

  • adding images to a page

  • previewing pages

  • editing pages

  • workflow and style guide

Editing Content Types

The Editing Content Types Guide was also created post-launch and demonstrates how to:

  • create columns

  • add events to the left side of the page

  • add stand-alone quotes

  • add linked quotes

  • add promo boxes

  • use folder index pages

  • add fragments

  • create slideshows

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