Frequently Asked Questions

When am I going to hear back regarding my application?

After submitting your application you will receive an email notification confirming its receipt.  Should you be selected for a phone interview, you will be contacted by a recruiter by phone within a month of your application date.  If your resume is not selected for review, you will receive another email notification advising you.

I sent my application in by mail. Is that enough to be considered?

Generally we do not accept paper resumes. Our hiring system is entirely web based thus ensuring that your personal data is kept confidential and organized. We accept resumes only online through Harvard’s current job listings page. 

I forwarded my resume to a hiring manager. Is that enough to be considered?

In order to be considered for a position with Harvard Law School you must apply online.

How much does a position I am considering pay?

Each position is assigned a salary grade. Harvard University’s salary grades are posted for the public to ensure a transparent process.  In considering which salary grade would be most appropriate for you, please keep in mind the fact that the salary you prefer is contained within a given salary grade it does not ensure you will receive that rate.  Each individual’s qualifications, the demands of the position and internal equity among other factors are considered in setting salaries.  Expect to have a frank salary discussion with your recruiter regarding salary expectations early on to make sure you have an accurate view of the range.  The time you invest in your job search with us is important and we want to respect that.

Do I need to bring a completed application?

We have applications on site for you to fill out.  These applications ask for information such as your employment/salary history, references and educational background.  Please bring whatever necessary information you need to provide this data.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for your interview so that you will have ample time to complete your application before your scheduled interview.  If you filled out the online application, please print it and bring it with you.

What is your hiring process?

Our entire process is published for your review.   Please see the Recruitment Process link on the Apply to Job page.  Processes for Internal and External applicants are published.

Last modified: September 24, 2010

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