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Advisory Committee

2013 Advisory Committee Members


John Arciprete, Director of Facilities, Facilities Management

Kirsten Bermingham, Assistant Director for Administration, OPIA

Lisa Burns, Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Catherine Claypoole, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Chief of Staff

Kathleen Curley, Program Administrator, Faculty Support Services

Kaitlyn Hennigan, Program Coordinator, Human Rights Program

Russell Keyes, Building Services Coordinator, Facilities Management

Sarah Morton, Administrative Director, Prison Legal Aid Program

Darris Saylors, Student Programs Manager, Dean of Students

Jeanne Tai, Assistant Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies

Marie Bowen, Assistant Dean and Chief Human Resources Officer, Dean’s Award Advisory Committee, Co-chair

Kathy Long Thurman, Assistant Director, Human Resources, Dean’s Award Advisory Committee, Co-chair






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