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Operational Liaisons

Each Clinic has an Operational Liaison who will provide you with your Clinical Login Accounts along with other helpful information you may need about the clinic.   

Criminal Justice Institute (CJI)

Anna Pierce

Crimmigation (CRIM)Phil Torrey

Environmental Law & Policy (ELP)

Jacqueline Calahong

Harvard Defenders (Defenders)

Maria Leister

Harvard Legal Aid Bureau (HLAB)

Susana Arteta

Harvard Mediation Program (HMP)

Maureen Griffin

Harvard Mediation & Negotiation Clinical Program (HNMCP)

Tracy Blanchard

Harvard Immigration Program (HIP)Phil Torrey

Harvard Immigration & Refugee Clinic (HIRC)

Bonnie Rubrecht

Human Rights Program (HRP)

Kaitlyn Hennigan

Legal Service Center (LSC)

Isabel Lima

Prison Legal Assistance Project (PLAP)

Sarah Morton

Shareholder Rights Project (SRP)

Emily Lewis

Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP)

Elizabeth Blake

Transactional Law Clinics (TLC)

Alex Horn

Trauma & Learning Policy Initiative (TLPI)

Alex Horn

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