Faculty Hardware Services


 Faculty Hardware

All faculty will be provided with one computer via the annual computer placement cycle.  The standard computer is a desktop, which will be replaced every 4 years.  ITS will support this computer, assuring it's stability and reliability, repairing it if need be.  Faculty have the option of getting a laptop instead of the standard desktop.  Faculty laptops are replaced on a three year cycle, rather than 4, due to the fragility of laptops, and the lower performance level they have relative to desktop computers.  When a computer gets replaced via the annual computer placement cycle, the old computer will return to ITS.

Faculty have the additional option of purchasing a second computer out of their faculty allowance.  This should be coordinated with ITS to assure that the system will be supportable and sustainable.  This second machine will not be automatically replaced; however, ITS will notify the faculty when the system should be replaced.

Machines older than 4 years old will only be supported from a software perspective.  When such systems physically break down, they will not be repaired.        

Faculty can also have a second monitor, on request, for their primary computer.


 Standard Hardware Configurations

All computers distributed to Law School faculty will have standard HLS hardware configurations. Please refer to the link below for specific hardware configurations:

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 Printers, Maintenance, and Repair

ITS installs, configures, and supports one Hewlett Packard (HP) LaserJet printer for each faculty member. Printers are reviewed annually and replaced as needed or are replaced when specific models are no longer supported by HP. When a printer problem is reported, ITS will troubleshoot the problem and determine whether the printer can be repaired internally or if our vendor should be contacted for the repair.

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 Mobile Devices

Currently, ITS supports and configures Active Sync software which runs on several popular mobile devices. Active Sync allows for full wireless synchronization between the device and Microsoft Outlook. ITS can provide configuration assistance with most mobile devices, but ITS does not provide such devices.  Please contact the help desk for assistance getting a mobile device set up.

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 Purchasing Hardware

ITS provides faculty with procurement services for computer hardware, software, and peripherals.  Services include consultation, research, recommendations, purchasing, and hardware configuration. Law School faculty who wish to purchase a new computer, software application, or a printer should contact the faculty support line.  ITS will pay for the cost of one standard system.  The cost of an additional system or upgrades to the primary system will be charged to the discretionary portion of the faculty member’s allowance.  

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 Loaner Wireless Broadband Cards

To ensure wireless accessibility when traveling domestically, ITS has purchased four mobile broadband cards. These mobile cards simply connect to your laptop and provide instant internet access via cellular technology. Faculty are welcome to borrow these wireless cards when traveling to North American locations that may or may not have internet access.  To schedule one of the four wireless cards, please contact the Help Desk at 5.0722. Mobile cards are available for all PCs and  Macs. Please note that these cards are meant to be borrowed while on vacation or travel, not for extended periods of time.  Faculty who wish to purchase their own wireless broadband card may do so.  ITS will put the faculty member in touch with the vendor to order the service (your credit card and authorization are required) and will then install and configure the card.  The purchase price and monthly service charges will need to be covered by the faculty member.

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 Retired Equipment Policy

The current policy for "retired" equipment is for ITS to make an assessment of the equipment and to see if it has other uses here at Harvard Law School. If it is deemed of no use, it will be slated for recycling or donated to a non-profit agency.

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Last modified: February 13, 2014

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