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Media Services

Members of the HLS community who are seeking video / audio recording guidelines and consent forms, please visit the Office of Communications

Members of the news media seeking faculty expertise or general information about Harvard Law School, please consult the For the Media section of the Office's homepage.  

1585 Massachusetts Avenue
Wasserstein Hall B045
Cambridge, MA  02138
Phone: 617.495.4840
Fax: 617.496.6645

        Office Hours:

Monday - Friday:    (9AM - 5PM)

  Service Hours:

Monday - Saturday:    (8AM - 10PM)
Sunday:    Based on Event Schedule (additional charges may apply) 

* Office Hours are the weekday hours when the service providers are in the office and available to service the community.
* Service Hours are the hours during which service providers are on campus and you can expect event services to be provided without special arrangements or premium charges.
* Requests for all HLS services must be submitted online at at least three (3) business days prior to the start of your event.  Requests and/or changes made later than three (3) business days prior to the event/class will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis and cannot be guaranteed.
* Fees may be incurred for last minute requests and/or cancellations.  See our Policies page for details.



Media Services provides an array of services to support classes, conferences, presentations, and events.  Our offerings include:

  •  Voice Reinforcement
  • Data and video projection
  • Audio and video recording
  • Video editing
  • DVD authoring and duplication
  • Video streaming
  • Live internet web-casting. 
  • Videoconferencing
  • Teleconferencing

Requests for service should be made online via the HLS Room Scheduling System.

For more information on the services provided by Media Services please call 617-495-4840 or email  Media Services is located in WCC B045.

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Media Services Policies

For a detailed list of our policies, please visit our dedicated Policies page.


Classroom Support

Classroom support includes voice enhancement; video playback; overhead, slide, video, and computer data projection; audio and video recording; video-conferencing and teleconferencing; video-streaming; and video editing. Media Services can help faculty members connect their laptops to the Law School's network for use in classrooms or, if preferred, may supply (with advance notice) a laptop for occasional classroom use.  Cable TV can be configured for classroom viewing in Hauser Hall, Kirkland & Ellis Classroom, Vorenberg Classroom, Austin Hall, and Pound 102.

Faculty can arrange for videotaping of student exercises in trial skills, oral argument, negotiation, and mediation in most Law School classrooms.   Video playback of these exercises may be scheduled in playback rooms or in the instructors's classroom.  Faculty may also request an LCD data projector for almost any classroom, and small DVD/TV combo units are available for video previewing and viewing in faculty offices.

Faculty may request to have any class audio recorded and burned to disk and/or have the audio file made available via their course website as an audio podcast or a streaming media file. Podcast files may be downloaded by students where Streaming Media files are accessed and watched by students but not downloaded. Please click differences between Streaming Video and Podcasting for more information.

Voice reinforcment microphone systems are available in the Austin Hall classrooms and courtrooms, the Langdell classrooms, the classrooms of Pound Hall, Hauser Hall, Griswold 110, Lewis 202, 301 and 302, the Hark Terrace Patio, Terrace Lounge, the Fireside Lounge, the Café and the Pub.

Videoconference and teleconference services are also available.  These services are dependent on room and connection type (IP/ISDN) and will most likely require bridging services from HUIT.  Please make requests for these services one week prior to the event.  For teleconferencing an analog phone line must be available in the room.


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 Live WebCast

QuickTime Webcasts are live video "broadcasts" that are streamed via the web. HLS webcasts are designed to stream over both dial up and broadband connections. In order to watch a QuickTime stream, one must have QuickTime Player installed on his/her computer. The free QuickTime Player can be downloaded from the ITS software library.

Please note:

  • Members of the HLS community can request to have a live webcast done for any special event, lecture, or conference. Requests must be submitted at least one week prior to the event. In addition, the location of the event must be unoccupied one hour prior to the event to allow ample time for production set up.
  • Once a live webcast has finished, a QuickTime video archive can be transferred to the HLS QuickTime Server. A link to this QuickTime file will then be supplied within 3 business days. The file can then be made available for on-demand, streaming video as an on-line archive. HLS organizations are currently responsible for posting the QuickTime links on their own websites.
  • To request a webcast, contact

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Requesting Media Services

All requests for Media Services should be placed using the HLS Room Scheduling System.

  • For classes and rooms not normally requiring reservation (ex. Office) place a "Service Only Request"
  • For all other events, request Media Services with your regular space request.

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