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10.0 Web Based Surveys

Harvard Enterprise Security Policy:

Policy Excerpt
Data collection tools, such as web based surveys, that request confidential information must ensure that responses cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons and that personally identifiable information is not improperly disclosed or shared. If a vendor is involved in conducting the survey or analyzing results that include confidential information that can be linked to individuals, a contract must be in place that protects the confidential information.

HLS Policy:

HLS ITS should review and certify any data collection tools except those approved below. Please contact Security( for assistance with the use of any tools that are not listed below.

Approved Solution:

HLS Question tool

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I find the university approved polling tool?
A: You may find the more information by clicking this link:

Q: Where can I find the HLS question tool?
A: Please contact IS( for access to the HLS question tool

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