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Change Your Password

Once you are admitted to Harvard Law School, you will receive a letter via postal mail containing your HLS e-mail address and Claim ID. The first thing you should do upon receiving this information is Claim your Me account through  You should also follow this link to change your password during your tenure at HLS.  

Follow this link for more information on how to change your password and how to claim your Me account, Claim Me.  

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Understanding Your Username

In order to provide you with an e-mail address for life, the email address scheme will be as follows:

  • (with XX being the graduating year) or
  • (with XX being the graduating year) or
  • (with XX being the graduating year) or

However, when you access HLS network resources (including your e-mail), you will use the following username scheme for your HLS Account:

  • USERNAME.jdXX (with XX being the graduating year) or
  • USERNAME.llmXX (with XX being the graduating year) or
  • USERNAME.sjd (with XX being the graduating year) or
  • USERNAME.mail

These naming conventions are used in order to provide uniqueness, while maintaining a meaningful username, over the course of many years.

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What Online Resources Does Your Account Access?

To view the full table of accounts and the resources that they link to, please click here.

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Obtain Your Harvard PIN

To access many of Harvard University's on-line systems, you will need a Harvard University PIN. To obtain a PIN you need a Harvard University ID number (HUID).

PLEASE NOTE: admitted J.D. students will not be assigned an HUID until they have submitted their deposit for admission. HUIDs are distributed in June and are assigned to those students who are expected to enroll.

Answers to frequently asked PIN questions can be found at:

Once you have your HUID, if you do not have a Harvard PIN or if you have forgotten your PIN, you may request a new one at: You may then choose to have your PIN delivered to you either by postal mail or through an email-based process.

If you choose the email-based option, a message will be sent to your officially registered email address with instructions for activating your PIN. If the PIN request form does not present you with the option for obtaining your PIN via email, it is because there is not a registered email address on file in the Harvard Directory for you.

The HLS email address initially created for you will be flagged as your official email address in the Harvard Directory. Please contact J.D. Admissions at 617-495-3179 or if you would like to but are unable to obtain your PIN via email.

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Access Your HLS E-mail Account

Harvard Law School provides a web-based email client allowing you access to your HLS e-mail account from any computer connected to the Internet. Log in to your Gmail account using your HLS Account and the password that you set in the first step.

Click here for general instructions on how to use Gmail.  This webpage will provide you with information on how to configure your HLS email account with local email clients such as Outlook and Entourage. The web page also includes instructions on how to set-up auto-reply, mail forwarding, and spam filtering.
After you graduate, your Harvard Law School email address will be yours for life. Give this email address to your friends, colleagues, and classmates and they will always be able to keep in touch.  

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Buying a New Computer?

Harvard University has partnered with Dell and Apple to offer computer equipment to Harvard students and affiliates at discounted prices. Visit the How to Acquire Hardware and Software for Harvard Student, Faculty and Staff Personal Use page for a complete list of recommended current products and prices.  If you have any questions please contact the student help desk at 617 495 9576.

Need a copy of Microsoft Office?  Visit the Student Computer Lab in the basement of WCC when you arrive on campus to install our Law School sponsored license of Microsoft Office.  Any questions regarding the Office Initiative can be directed to the Student Help Desk, or 617 495-9576.

Click here to view our recommended specification for computer hardware.

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Patch Your Operating System

Unpatched Operating Systems pose a huge security risk to users and to the HLS network. Unpatched systems allow hackers and viruses easy access to your personal computer and data. And once they have access to your system, they can easily spread through the network. To protect the integrity of your system and of the network, please make sure your computer's Operating System is fully patched with the latest software updates. Windows users should visit to verify the latest patches are installed. Mac users should run Software Update to check for any new updates.


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Install and Update Your Virus Detection Software

You should also have virus scanning software installed and ensure that is up to date as well. HLS provides antivirus software to students at no charge. It may be downloaded from the Antivirus Protection Website once you matriculate, and is available for both Mac and PC. Before you install the downloaded software, carefully read over the instructions for HLS specific configurations.

If you already have virus detection software installed, please UNINSTALL IT BEFORE installing. Running two virus detection software programs simultaneously will cause serious conflicts on your computer

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Secure Your Computer

Set an Administrator Password: It is vitally important that your computer have a strong password set on the Administrator account.  This is your first line of defense against viruses and hackers. 

Use a Personal Firewall: ITS recommends enabling the built-in personal firewalls in Windows and Mac OSX.  


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Things To Bring With You Before You Arrive At HLS

Due to licensing and copyright laws, ITS can only assist with software installations on your personal computer if you have evidence of a valid license, in the form of your original media and product key.  In preparation for unexpected problems, please bring all of your software and operating systems CDs with you to campus this fall.  Also make sure you have the CD keys for your software.

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Contact the Student Help Desk with Questions

If you have questions that are not answered on our HLS Community Website or the Student Services website, please contact us at 617.495.9576 or

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