Information for Graduating HLS Students


Post Graduation Account Expiration

If you are a student, access to iCommons, dial-up, printing, and community restricted web sites expires at 12:01 am (EST) on July 31 of your year of graduation if you graduate in May. Otherwise your access expires six weeks after your graduation date. ITS can only extend your access for one of two reasons:

1. You have been accepted at HLS for further studies and can provide a copy of your new ID card, or your new end date can be verified in the University student database.

2. You have been accepted at HLS as staff and can provide a copy of your new ID card, or your new end date can be verified in the University employee database.

You will receive weekly e-mail warnings of a pending account expiration and deletion starting six weeks before the expiration date. If you believe that the expiration date is incorrect, you must contact the Registrar's Office (students), Human Resources (staff), or Office of Academic Affairs (faculty) to have it changed. Expiration dates are calculated based on data received from these offices. If you ignore the warnings and your account is deleted, ITS cannot guarantee that your account can be re-created with the same username or that your data can be restored.

HLS Google Apps

ITS is pleased to offer all alumni continued use of HLS Google Apps.  After you graduate, your Harvard Law School email address will be yours for life. Give this email address to your friends, colleagues, and classmates and they will always be able to keep in touch.  

The HLS Google Apps FAQs can be found here.

The E-mail for Life FAQs can be found here.

Post Graduation E-mail Forwarding Service

The Harvard Alumni Association provides an e-mail forwarding service available to all alumni of Harvard University as defined in the Alumni Directory. For complete details and instructions on using the forwarding service, please visit the  Harvard Alumni Association's webpage.

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