Student Printing Services

In order to print to the HLS public printers, you must first install the printing software.  This can be downloaded from the Software Library

 HLS Student Printing Accounts

You must have a print account to be able to print from the public printers located on campus. Your HLS Me account manages your access to the public print system.  This allows you to use the same account for printing as you do for email, for example.  For a full list of what systems your HLS Me account managers, please click here

If you experience trouble logging into your printing account with this user name and password, you may reset your HLS Me account password here,

At the beginning of the academic year, each JD, LLM, and SJD student is allocated a $100 print credit. Once your $100 allocation is exhausted, printing costs incurred will be charged to your term bill each month during the academic year. Your print usage is tracked by the system and the accumulated dollar amount is charged to your term bill. This charge will appear on your term bill as "Printing- HLS". You will not receive any notification from the system when you have exhausted your allocation credit. It is the responsibility of the individual to monitor personal print usage. You can track your balances at:

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Adding Credit to Your Print Account

If you do not want your printing costs charged to your term bill, you may pre-pay for printing with cash at the Student Help Desk (WCC Computer Lab) or in Library Administration (5th floor Areeda Hall). If you run out of cash in your deposit account, subsequent printing will be charged to your term bill, so please check balances frequently. Also, cash is non-refundable, so please budget carefully.

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Print Costs

Printing is currently 10 cents per page for single or double sided, black and white laser printing. Color laser printing is available in the ITS Student Computer Lab (WCC Computer Lab) for 50 cents per page. All HOLLIS print-outs are free.

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Printing Without a Termbill

HLS affiliates who cannot charge to a term bill or do not have printing accounts may purchase cash printing accounts from the Student Help Desk. Please note that the login information you receive with your cash account is not recorded at the Help Desk, so you should take care not to lose your cash ID number or password. Cash-based printing accounts typically expire one month after they are established, but can be extended upon request. Cash accounts are non-refundable.

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Additional Printing Information and Instructions

For additional information regarding student printing at HLS including how to print from your personal laptop, please refer to this  Student Print Documentation.

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