Claim Me - for Students


  Q:  What is Claim Me?

A:  Claim Me is the process of claiming your HLS Me account.  The Claim Me system will allow ITS to send you an Account Claim Code without fear of risking theft and access to your resources on the HLS network or your email.  Because the Account Claim Code will only allow you access to claim your HLS Me account, and nothing more, we now ensure that you are the only person that knows your password.

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  Q:  How do I Claim Me?

A: Claiming your HLS Me account couldn't be easier!

  1. Go to, have your Account Claim Code ready (you will receive this from the Admissions office, the Graduate Program, or the ITS Help Desk)
  2. Select "I agree..." (this confirms the user agreement)
  3. Click "Continue"
  4. Enter your Account Claim Code
  5. Enter your password (this must comply with our complexity rules)
  6. Confirm your password
  7. Click "Continue"
  8. Click OK
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  Q:  When do I need to Claim Me?

A:  There are two scenarios which you will need to Claim Me.

  1. You are a first time user of the system. In this case you should receive your Account Claim Code from the Admissions office for JD students, the Graduate Program office for LLM or SJD students, or the ITS Help Desk. You will not be able to access any HLS resources managed by the HLS Me account system without Claiming Me first. For what resources your HLS Me account accesses, please reference the section below, "What systems does my HLS Me account access?".
  2. You need to have your account reset because you forget your password or locked yourself out of the system. In this case you should contact the ITS Help Desk and receive a new Account Claim Code. This will then allow you to change your password.  For more information, please reference the section above, "How do I Claim Me?"
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  Q:  What systems does my HLS Me account access?

A: For more information on what resources the HLS Me account accesses, please click here.

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Last modified: August 18, 2015

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