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Hardware Services for Visiting Professors


Visiting Professor and Lecturer Hardware

ITS provides visiting professors and lecturers with an HLS-owned standard desktop computer, monitor, and printer in a designated office provided by Faculty Support Services. If visiting professors and lecturers would like to use their faculty allowance for hardware upgrades, they should contact the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). If approved by OAA, ITS will purchase and configure additional hardware needed by visiting professors and lecturers.

Standard Hardware Configurations

All computers distributed to visiting professors and lecturers will have standard HLS desktop configurations. Please refer to the list below for specific desktop configurations:

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Printers, Maintenance, and Repair

ITS installs, configures, and supports one Hewlett Packard (HP) LaserJet printer for each visiting professor and lecturer. Printers are reviewed annually and replaced as needed or are replaced when specific models are no longer supported by HP. When a printer problem is reported, ITS will troubleshoot the problem and determine whether the printer can be repaired internally or if our vendor should be contacted for the repair.

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Flash/USB Drives

ITS has external portable storage devices called Flash Drives available for purchase. These devices plug into any USB port (PC or Mac) and allow for data transfer between locations, e.g., office and classroom.

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PDA Devices

Currently, ITS supports and configures Active Sync software which runs on several popular PDA devices. Active Sync allows for full wireless synchronization between the PDA device and Microsoft Outlook. ITS recommends the Palm Treo but will consult with those wishing to use another device.  Please contact the help desk for assistance.

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Home/Personal Computers

In addition to providing visiting professors and lecturers with a desktop computer, ITS will help visiting professors and lecturers connect their personal laptops to the Law School wireless network. To ensure that the ITS network is kept clean of viruses, ITS requests that personal laptops have up-to-date virus protection software installed and also have a strong administrator password established before connecting to the HLS network.

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Purchasing Hardware

Equipment is provided for visiting professors and will be setup in their offices before they arrive.

ITS provides lecturers with procurement services for computer hardware, software, and peripherals.  Services include consultation, research, recommendations, purchasing, and hardware configuration. Law School Lecturers who wish to purchase a new computer, software application, or a printer should contact the Help Desk.  

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Retired Equipment Policy

The current policy for "retired" equipment is for ITS to make an assessment of the equipment and to see if it has other uses here at Harvard Law School. If it is deemed of no use, it will be slated for recycling or donated to a non-profit agency.

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Last modified: February 13, 2014

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