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Student Work

Students enrolled in the Health Law and Policy Clinic of the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation participate in a broad range of national and state law and policy initiatives aimed at increasing access to high-quality, comprehensive health care for poor and low-income individuals and families—especially those living with chronic medical conditions.

Through the clinic, students work to develop, inform, and implement cutting-edge health policy and program recommendations at the state and national levels. Student projects involve:

  • informing implementation of the Affordable Care Act at the federal and state levels through research, analysis, and technical assistance to both government officials and community-based partners
  • providing law and policy analysis to national and state coalitions advocating to protect and promote health and public health programs; and
  • investigating best practices at the state and local level and supporting new initiatives aimed at increasing access to care, treatment and service programs specifically designed to serve vulnerable populations.

The clinic has an on-campus office in the WCC clinic wing, where students meet with clinic staff and conduct the majority of their clinical work. There are also frequent opportunities to travel to different states to work with clients and partners.

Clinical and Course Information

For registration information, see the 2015-2016 clinical curriculum

Faculty and Staff

Robert Greenwald (Clinical Professor of Law, Director, Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation)
Amy Rosenberg (Associate Director)
Sarah Downer (Clinical Instructor)
Carmel Shachar (Staff Attorney)
Kathryn Garfield (Clinical Fellow)  
Laura Johnston (Clinic Coordinator)
Ebony Griffin (Faculty Assistant) 


Laura Johnston
WCC 3130
617-390- 2552

Robert Greenwald
WCC 3027

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