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Pound Hall and the WCC

Harvard Mediation Program Training Corps Brings New Depth To Student Experience

The Harvard Mediation Program (HMP) Training Corps prepares and presents basic mediation training for new HMP members each semester. It is a team of seven enthusiastic HMP mediators that work collaboratively to make the training as effective as possible. I joined the Training Corps as a way to continue learning about mediation, to get to know more of the HMP community, and to step outside my comfort zone. The idea of facilitating discussions and presenting in front of large groups has always made me nervous, but I want to develop those skills and I couldn’t have picked a better opportunity. The HMP Training Corps is more encouraging and supportive than I could have imagined.

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Harvard Mediation Program Welcomes New Outreach And Case Coordinator

HNMCP is pleased to announce the addition of a new team member. Ana Carolina Riella recently joined the staff as Outreach and Case Coordinator for the Harvard Mediation Program (HMP), a student practice organization under the auspices of HNMCP.

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Students mediate Harassment Prevention Orders

On a brisk, sunny morning in April, dozens of people crowd into the tiny Second Session courtroom at Quincy District Court. Some are represented by lawyers, but most are not. They are here because they are parties in Harassment Prevention Order (HPO) cases. Some are asking the judge for an order to stem the tide of animosity between neighbors that has been festering for years while others are asking the judge for an order to prevent former friends and/or family members from harassing them at their homes, places of work, or on social media. Because HPO cases almost always involve complex personal relationships and high emotions, they are some of the most difficult cases for judges to handle.

Today, though, the judge has a unique option at his disposal to assist parties seeking an HPO. Sitting at the edge of the courtroom are two student mediators from the Harvard Mediation Program (HMP).

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Older Stories

Harvard Mediation Program celebrates 30 years of students resolving conflicts

After studying law and mediation in the People’s Republic of China post-college, David G. Seibel ’97 was eager to find the best training possible in alternative dispute resolution. He chose HLS in large part because of the Harvard Mediation Program (HMP), a Student Practice Organization which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary of training students and community volunteers to mediate disputes in small claims court and other settings.

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Are you a community member interested in learning about mediation?

If so, learn more about training opportunities designed for you.

Mediation training resources outside the Boston area

Mediation training programs are in abundance throughout the U.S. For information on opportunities in your area, please visit the Association for Conflict Resolution and/or the National Association for Community Mediation websites.

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