For HLS Students

HMP is open to all HLS students. 1Ls can apply as soon as they arrive on campus! Once accepted into HMP’s 32-hour training, HMP members can expect the following during their first semester once basic training is completed:


New members mediate every other week either in a small claims or in a Harassment Prevention Order session of a local district court or they mediate cases out-of-court such as tenant-tenant or animal control disputes. The approximate time commitment every other week for students is three hours – not including travel time.


HMP’s experienced liaisons and mediators provide feedback to new mediators. Providing feedback is a fundamental aspect of HMP’s model.

Office Hours

New HMP student members work in the HMP office every other week for one semester.


Offered two to three times each semester, HMP’s Clinical Supervisor Prill Ellis provides an opportunity for HMP members to discuss their mediation experiences.

Mediation Certificate

At the end of the semester, new members are presented with mediation certificates at HMP's "graduation." During this social event, new members connect with one another and with board and staff members to share their mediation experiences.

Pro Bono Credit (beginning spring semester of 1L year)

HMP student members are able to earn pro bono credit. Mediating, helping at HMP office hours, and leading HMP training all count toward the HLS pro bono requirement.

Last modified: June 12, 2014

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