Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Fly-Out Week Trip, September 17-27, 2010

The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs and the Women’s Law Association are teaming up with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services to host students in New Orleans during Fly-Out Week.

The Work

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services/New Orleans Legal Assistance (NOLAC)

Students will work at Southeast’s downtown office (also know as NOLAC) on a wide range of legal issues. Southeast Louisiana Legal Services/NOLAC helps low-income people with civil legal problems in areas like family, housing, consumer, unemployment benefits, food stamps and more. Student volunteers will work as law clerks for attorneys on their cases and projects.

Work may include issues related directly or indirectly to the oil spill disaster. The oil spill has far-reaching impact for society in the Gulf. Southeast is already witnessing increased need in unemployment claims, food stamp applications, modifications to mortgages (particularly for boat owners), domestic violence response, and filing of oil spill claims.

Specific needs and caseloads will not be known until immediately before the trip and placements may not occur until on-site. While trip coordinators will take into account student preferences for work in a specific division, there will be no guarantees as to placements.

See for more information.


Students with housing available in the area can stay with family or friends. While the Clinical and Pro Bono Office will attempt to place students with families in the area, it will also place students at a hotel convenient to the work placement. There is space on the application to indicate your preference. The Office will also pay for rental cars to be shared among students to facilitate transportation. Students may be expected to travel several hours by car to oil spill-affected regions.

Application Process and Commitment

HLS will cover the cost of group housing/hotels and rental cars for the group. Students are responsible for booking airfare, and the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs will reimburse full or partial cost of airfare dependent upon final budget.

Approximately 10 students will be selected.

Click here to download an application (DOC).

Please submit the completed application and a resume to Lee Branson (Austin 107, by Tuesday, August 10, 2010.

Decisions will be announced by Friday, August 13 and accepted students must then book airfare with seven days to confirm participation. If a student is accepted and decides he or she will be unable to attend the trip, he or she should notify the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs immediately.

The selected students will have a meeting in early September on campus to discuss more details.


Students in the EIP program may be invited for call back interviews at the employers’ discretion after August 27. If you are seeking a judicial clerkship, judges are allowed to contact students to schedule interviews beginning on September 10th. If you are considering using Fly-Out Week for interviews, we kindly ask that you do not apply for the New Orleans trip. Last minute dropouts would be impossible to replace, and in addition to preserving resources, we must confirm the number of students attending with the Legal Services office well in advance. Dropping out may adversely affect your future applications with the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs.

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