Attorney General Clinic 2011-2012

The Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs is pleased to announce a new clinical opportunity with Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO). The Role of the State Attorney General is a spring 2012 course taught by lecturer James Tierney that was recently added to the 2011/12 curriculum, and offers a fall or spring clinic option at the AGO.

The clinic offers 6 spots each semester. Clinical placements are with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office in Boston in the following bureaus: Criminal, Government and Public Protection. Students are assigned to specific bureaus and divisions within the AGO through an individualized process with the Clinical Office. Students will also work with the Clinical Office to apply for an AGO security clearance in advance of starting clinical work.

The AGO asks that while serving as a clinical student, students not participate in other programs in which they represent defendants in criminal cases where the Commonwealth is an interested party. The AGO will not accept students who are engaged in conflicting positions. In all instances, the AGO will ask interns to disclose their outside employment and/or activities so that they may ensure that there is no conflict or appearance of a conflict of interest.

The AGO strongly recommends that students work at least fifteen hours per week (3 credits), though students may choose between 2 to 4 clinical credits (2=10 hours/week, 3=15 hours/week, 4=20 hours/week). Clinical students are required to attend three to four additional non-credit evening seminars that are held on campus and are facilitated by the Assistant Attorney General intern coordinator. Seminar dates are determined at the beginning of the semester. Clinical students are also required to submit three reflection essays as part of the clinical. These components are in addition to any classroom work done as part of the Role of the State Attorney General class, and all clinic students are required to take this class.

Enrollment in the fall or spring clinic will be through a randomized selection (lottery) of applicants. To submit an entry for this clinic, please fill out an online application form. The deadline to submit this online form is 5pm EST on Monday, July 25.

Students who submit the online form by July 25 will be randomly selected for the clinic spots. Students not initially selected into the clinic will be placed on a waitlist. All students who submit the online form will be notified of the results on July 27.

Admitted clinical students will then work individually with the Clinical Office to coordinate enrollment, scheduling, and begin the security clearance for the AGO. Admitted students will also be enrolled in the Spring 2012 Role of the State Attorney General class (students who are interested in only taking the Role of the State Attorney General class without a clinic will be able to register for the class during the spring elective course registration in October).

Due to the security clearance, this clinic has early add/drop deadlines of August 19 for the fall clinic and January 2 for the spring clinic. Students who drop the clinic will also be dropped from the class.

If you have any questions about this specific clinical, please contact Liz Solar of the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs:, or 617-495-3765.

Last modified: February 23, 2012

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