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The Tenant Advocacy Project (TAP) is a Student Practice Organization at Harvard Law School that was established in 1981.  Its mission is to provide closely-supervised, quality learning experiences for HLS students by having them represent tenants of and applicants to public and subsidized housing at administrative hearings at housing authorities throughout the Greater Boston area.







  Participating in TAP is a great way to:

  • acquire lawyering skills
  • help those in need of legal services in the community and
  • develop your leadership skills in a student run organization

TAP is comprised of approximately 50 students (the majority of them 1Ls), two
clinical instructors and a program manager.  Students work under the close supervision of the two clinical instructors, Marcia Peters and Lynn Weissberg, each of whom has over 35 years of experience.  In addition, experienced second and third year students act as mentors for the new members.

TAP’s practice offers students the opportunity to learn a wide range of lawyering skills including:

  • intensive fact-gathering
  • interviewing of clients and witnesses
  • developing the legal strategy for a case
  • preparing and presenting direct and cross-examination and opening statements and closing arguments 

First year students typically work on cases only, although 1Ls are invited to apply to the Intake Committee during their first semester.  Second and third year TAP members are encouraged to participate on the Board which consists of co-chairs, membership/training directors, intake directors, team leaders, outreach directors, office hours directors, and technology directors. Some students choose to work on cases only, rather than assume a Board position.

Pro Bono Credit:  TAP students may use their work in TAP to fulfill their HLS pro bono requirement.  1Ls may receive pro bono credit beginning in their second semester.

Testimonials: Click here to see what past participants have to say about the Tenant Advocacy Project.

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