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Conferences, Workshops, and Special Events

The Graduate Program contributes to the intellectual life of Harvard Law School by serving as a focal point for advanced study and research. Each year we sponsor a series of conferences, workshops, and colloquia on developing issues in law, legal education and practice, and legal theory; these events attract not only the internationally-oriented members of the Law School community but also faculty and students whose primary focus is American law. The goal of these activities is to promote awareness of foreign law and legal systems among faculty, students, and alumni, both at the Law School and elsewhere at Harvard University.

  • The Calendar of Events contains a listing of all events being sponsored by the Graduate Program throughout the academic year.
  • Workshops and Colloquia are offered in academic areas of particular relevance to graduate students and provide an in-depth treatment of the scholarship in their fields.
  • Graduate Program participants organize conferences at Harvard Law School throughout the academic year focusing on a variety of internationally-oriented topics.
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