Housing accommodations for students can be found in the Law School dormitories, in Harvard University apartment houses or in private rental units in apartment buildings or small houses. Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers are not eligible for dormitory housing or Harvard University apartments.

Dormitory rooms (not to be confused with Harvard housing) are available for single men and women, for married students living apart from their spouses, and for couples who are both Harvard Law School students and wish to live together in dormitory housing as roommates. All Law School bedrooms are for single occupancy. The School operates eight dormitories, all located very near classroom buildings. Rooms are allocated by a lottery.

Harvard-owned, Harvard-run apartments range from one-room apartments to apartments with a living room and two or more bedrooms. Unlike dormitory rooms, these apartments can accommodate married students and students with families as well as single students. Accordingly, they are very much in demand. A Harvard Real Estate, Inc. brochure describing what is available is sent to admitted applicants. Prices for some units are high. Students are placed on a waiting list for these units based on the results of a lottery.

For off-campus housing, Harvard's University Housing Office maintains a collection of off-campus listings for individuals who have a Harvard affiliation. Alternatively, there are many real estate agents in the Cambridge area who may assist you in your search. Housing in the Cambridge area is both scarce and expensive, and admitted students seeking off-campus housing are encouraged to begin their search early.

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