Climenko Fellowship

Harvard Law School invites applications for appointments as Climenko Fellows in its First-Year Legal Research and Writing Program. Climenko Fellows are promising legal scholars with high academic achievements and a strong interest in teaching. The Fellows will teach the Program and devote themselves to scholarship in preparation for entry into the teaching market.

Each Fellow will teach one section of 40 first-year students in a Program whose content is coordinated by the Director of the Program. The emphasis of the Program is on writing workshops and one-on-one critique of student work. Each Fellow will be assigned three student assistants to assist in the workshops and work individually with students.

While the workload will vary throughout the year, it is assumed that on a yearly basis, a substantial amount of a Fellow's time will be available for work on scholarship. The Program undertakes to facilitate participation in faculty workshops relating to the Fellow's field of interest and to facilitate mentoring relationships with faculty working in the field. Occasionally, a Climenko Fellow may have an opportunity to teach or co-teach a seminar or small course in the second year of the fellowship, depending on the needs of the academic program and the status of the Fellow's own scholarship. Salary will be approximately $60,000 in each year of the Fellowship, with additional funding for research.

Last modified: April 23, 2015

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