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Note: Not all courses listed below are offered every year.

Related to Background Knowledge and Skills

API-105: Markets and Market Failure with Cases (Kalt, Gomez-Ibanez)
API-205: Politics and Policies: What Can Statistics Tell Us? (Hallett)
API-303: Game Theory and Strategic Decisions (Dogan)
DPI-324: Running for Office and Managing Campaigns (Jarding)
MLD-110A: Strategic Management for Public Purposes (Zimmerman, Spence)
MLD-401M A : Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (Thornburg)
MLD-410: State and Local Public Finance (Chodos)

Related to Criminal Law

SUP-701: Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context (Stone)

Related to Environmental Law

API-135: Fundamentals of Environmental Economics and Policy (Stavins)
SUP-663: Planning and Environmental Law (Blaesser)

Related to Families and Children

SUP-211: Institutional and Community-Based Strategies to Support Children and Strengthen Families (J. Wilson)

Related to Financial Institutions Regulation

ITF-100: International Capital Markets (Schipke)

Related to Health Law

SUP-500: Introduction to Health Care Policy (Burke, Stevenson)
SUP-575: Political Analysis and Strategy for U.S. Health Policy (Blendon)
SUP-582: Health Policy Reform: Comparative Perspective (Ruggie)

Related to Housing Law

SUP-664: Housing Policy in the United States (Belsky)

Related to Human Rights Law
IGA-304: Human Rights and International Politics (Risse)
Related to Land Use Law

SUP-601: Urban Politics, Planning and Development (Altshuler)
SUP-608: Redevelopment Policy (Fainstein)
SUP-663: Planning and Environmental Law (Blaesser)

Related to Religion and Law

DPI-225: Religion and Politics: Defining the Actors and Debating the Issues (Hehir)

Related to Tax

MLD-410: State and Local Public Finance (Chodos)

Related to Trade

ITF-110: The Political Economy of Trade (Lawrence)

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