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JD/MBA Courses

Structure of Coursework and Other Requirements

Students in the program complete the joint degree in four academic years.  In the first two years of the program, students are required to enroll for one full year of study at the Law School and for one full year of study at the Business School; either can come first.  In the third and fourth years of the program, students are enrolled in, and take courses at, both schools.  Both schools have upper level requirements that are described in more detail below.  

Course and Credit Requirements

First-Year Program

Law School

The first year at the Law School consists of (1) Civil Procedure, Contracts, Criminal Law, an International/Comparative Law course, Legislation and Regulation,  Property, and Torts; (2) First-year Legal Research and Writing; (3) Problem Solving Workshop; and (4) a spring upper-level elective at HLS of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 classroom credits.

Business School

The first year at the Business School consists of the Required Curriculum with the year divided into two terms:  Term 1 courses:  Finance 1, Financial Reporting and Control, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Marketing, and Technology and Operations Management,  Field Foundations and Field 2.  Term 2 courses:  Business, Government and International Economy, Strategy, The Entrepreneurial Manager,  Finance II, Leadership and Corporate Accountability, and Field 3.

Upper-Level Program

Students in the joint degree program are enrolled in and take classes at both schools during each of their upper-level semesters of the third and fourth years (with the exception of the Law School Winter Term) of the joint degree program.  The requirements for each school and the program are as follows:

Law School

Joint degree students must earn no fewer than 52 additional credits including 36 Law School classroom credits of which no fewer than 18 must be earned in the first year of combined upper-level study.  The total number of classroom credits includes the required minimum of two credits to satisfy the Professional Responsibility Requirement, credits from the required winter term (provided that the course chosen offers classroom credits) and credits from the required Joint Degree Program Seminar.  Classroom credits include those connected to courses, seminars and reading groups, but not writing or clinical credits. 

In addition, Business School credits equivalent to 10 Law School credits may count toward the total Law School credit requirement. The remaining six required Law School credits may be earned in classroom, writing or clinical courses. 

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 10 total credits each semester in Law School, Business School, or other authorized courses.  It is recommended that no fewer than six of these be Law School classroom credits toward the requirement of 36 classroom credits.  Students should complete a minimum of 20 total Law School credits each year in order to ensure a balanced program of study.

Students enrolled in the JD/MBA program are permitted to waive one of the winter terms.  The remaining Winter Term requirement may be completed through classroom or clinical credits or participation in the Winter Term Writing Program. Further information is available from the Law School Office of the Registrar.

Joint degree students must also complete the of 40 hours of public service and the J.D. Written Work Requirement (see below for more information).  

Business School

Joint degree students must enroll in a total of 24 credits in Elective Curriculum courses at HBS during the third and fourth years including: (1) at least 18 classroom credits in total and (2) a minimum of 4.5 and a maximum of 7.5 HBS MBA credits each term to meet the required 12 credits per year in each of the third and fourth years.  In contrast, traditional MBA candidates must complete 30 credits in the second year Elective Curriculum.

Other Requirements

Joint Degree Program Seminar

Joint degree students must complete the year-long Joint Degree Program Seminar that is taught by Law School and/or Business School faculty members and confers two Law School credits. The Joint Degree Program Seminar is held every other year.

J.D. Written Work Requirement

Joint degree students must complete the J.D. Written Work Requirement. Students may satisfy the Requirement through Option 1 or Option 2. 

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