Appendix D: Harvard University Health Services and Harvard University Student Health Program



Pound Hall
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Holyoke Center 75 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge
617-495-5711 • TTY: 617-495-1211

Below is a summary of the services available at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS). Please see for detailed, up-to-date information.

Services at Holyoke Center include:

  • 24-hour urgent care
  • Primary care
  • Mental health
  • Medical/surgical subspecialties

Primary care and some mental health services are also available at each of the three satellite clinics located on the Law School, Business School, and Longwood Medical Area campuses.


Any student experiencing symptoms of a medical emergency (e.g., chest pain, severe shortness of breath) should call 9-1-1 immediately. After hours and weekend care for non-routine, urgent medical concerns or symptoms is available through the After Hours Urgent Care Clinic at Holyoke Center.

After Hours Urgent Care Clinic HUHS
Holyoke Center, Fifth floor
617-495-5711; TTY: 617-495-1211

The After Hours Urgent Care Clinic (AHUCC) is open nights, weekends, and holidays for non-routine, urgent medical concerns or symptoms. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to call their primary care team or mental health provider for advice during regular office hours.


HUHS is committed to providing each student with complete, coordinated health care through a working relationship with a primary care team comprised of a primary care physician (PCP), nurse practitioner, registered nurses, and health assistants. Students are assigned a PCP and primary care team that will provide any care needed throughout the year. A complete listing of primary care clinicians is available at Students may change their PCP at any time for any reason by emailing Member Services ( with their selection. Students with chronic medical conditions are advised to establish a relationship with their primary care team early in the academic year. It is helpful to provide copies of medical records for health care received at other facilities.

Other services available at Holyoke Center include:

  • Pharmacy
  • Dental Services
  • Vision care and eye services
  • Optical shop

Note: Not all of these services are covered by insurance.

Required Immunizations
All students are required to comply with the Massachusetts immunization regulations and submit a complete immunization history to HUHS prior to registration. Incomplete or overdue forms may delay registration. There is a fee for most immunizations. Additional information is available at

Travel Health Immunizations and Information
HUHS provides immunizations and related services, including expert counseling and advice for individual travel health needs, on a fee-for-service basis. HUHS recommends scheduling travel health appointments six to eight weeks in advance of travel.

HIV Testing
HUHS provides confidential HIV testing. For those who would prefer to have anonymous testing, visit or the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts website ( for suggested locations.

Stillman Infirmary provides short-stay care for medical and mental health problems, and certain post-operative cases. Admission to the Stillman Infirmary is based on clinical indications as determined by a student’s primary care team and/or the After Hours Urgent Care Clinic staff.

The Patient Advocate is available to assist students with any concerns, questions, or comments. All communications are confidential.

HUHS is prepared to meet the general and special health care needs of students. Early contact with a primary care clinician is advised to establish a base for continuity of care during a student’s active stay at Harvard. A variety of access services are available through the Accessible Education Office (, including sign language and oral interpreters. The Patient Advocate is available to assist individuals with special needs.


The confidentiality of all records and other medical information about patients at HUHS is protected to the full extent of the law. Written authorization from the student is necessary to release record information to any third party except in highly unusual circumstances as required by law, or as indicated in the HUHS Notice of Privacy Practices.

Student Mental Health Services
HUHS at Holyoke Center, 75 Mt. Auburn Street, Fourth Floor

Center for Wellness
Holyoke Center

Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
731 Holyoke Center
24-hour response line: 617-495-9100

Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services
7 Linden Street, Second Floor

Bureau of Study Counsel
Center for Academic and Personal Development
5 Linden Street

II. The Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP)

HUSHP Member Services
Holyoke Center, 75 Mt Auburn Street, First Floor

Below is a summary of information regarding the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP). Please visit for additional details.

Required Student Health Insurance
Massachusetts law requires that students enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts participate in a student health insurance program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. All Harvard students are automatically enrolled in the Harvard University Student Health Program (HUSHP) and the cost of the program is applied to their student bill.

HUSHP is comprised of two parts, the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Student Health Fee
Required of all students who are more than half time and studying in Massachusetts. This fee covers most services at Harvard University Health Services (HUHS), including internal medicine, medical/surgical specialty care, mental health/counseling services, physical therapy, radiology, Stillman Infirmary, and urgent care.

Student Health Insurance Plan
Provides hospital/specialty care through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and prescription drug coverage through Express Scripts. Coverage includes emergency room visits, hospitalizations, diagnostic lab/radiology services, ambulatory surgery, specialty care outside HUHS (limited), and prescription drug coverage. Benefit limits and cost-sharing may apply—visit for more details.

Waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan
Students enrolled in a comparable health insurance plan may be eligible to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. Waivers must be completed by the appropriate deadline or the charges will remain on your student bill. The deadline to waive is July 31, 2013, for the fall term (or full academic year) and February 28, 2014 for the spring term.

  • Before waiving, carefully evaluate whether your existing health plan will provide adequate, comprehensive coverage in the Boston area. Please review the waiver checklist on the HUSHP website for guidance. You will be fully responsible for all medical claims and prescription drug costs if you waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • International students studying on campus at Harvard are not eligible to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan with foreign insurance, including those with a U.S. based administrator. This is a requirement pursuant to the Massachusetts student health program regulations.

For detailed information on the Harvard University Student Health Program policies, benefits, limitations, and exclusions, including waiver eligibility and dependent enrollment, please visit For more information, please contact Member Services at

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