Graduation Certificate Deadlines

***Please note that these dates have been compiled by our office for your convenience. These deadlines pertain ONLY to final transcripts, Certificates of Graduation, Dean’s Certificates, or any other form that a particular Bar needs to receive from our office after a student has graduated. Deadlines concerning applying for the Bar or filing documents directly by the applier are NOT outlined here.***

Alabama: By the first week of July
Alaska: 7/5/2012 (20 days before date of exam)
Arizona: 6/15/2012
Arkansas: 7/13/2012
California: 6/15/2012
Colorado:  First week of July
Connecticut: 7/18/2012
Delaware: 7/1/2012 (Transcript)
District of Columbia: Rolling deadline
Florida: on-going
Georgia: 6/15/2012 (transcripts), 7/10/2012 (Dean’s letters)
Hawaii: 7/1/2012
Idaho: 7/14/2012 (transcript due 10 days prior to exam)
Illinois: 6/29/2012
Indiana: 7/5/2012
Iowa: 4/15/2012 (Dean’s Affidavit; if the applier has not yet graduated, there is an “anticipated graduation date” field)
Kansas: 6/15/2012 (Transcript)
Kentucky: 6/1/2012
Louisiana: 6/15/2012 (45 days before the bar)
Maine: 7/17/2012
Maryland: Rolling deadline
Massachusetts: Two weeks after graduation
Michigan: Prior to release of results (November 2012);
Minnesota: 6/25/2012
Mississippi: 6/15/2012
Missouri: 7/1/2012
Montana: Early-to-mid May
Nebraska: 6/1/2012
Nevada: 7/10/2012
New Hampshire: As soon as possible after graduation

New Jersey: 7/1/2012
New Mexico: 7/20/2012 (admission ticket will not be provided until LS documents are received)
New York: 6/15/2012
North Carolina: By the date of the Bar exam (7/24/2012)
North Dakota: 7/23/2012 (Transcript)
Ohio: 6/25/2012 (30 days prior to exam – this year 7/24-7/26)
Oklahoma: 7/10/2012
Oregon: 7/9/2012
Pennsylvania: 6/18/2012
Rhode Island: Before date of Bar exam
South Carolina: 7/10/2012
South Dakota: No deadline…………?
Tennessee: 7/9/2012
Texas: 7/13/2012
Utah: 6/22/2012
Vermont: N/A
Virginia: Directly after graduation (Two weeks prior to Bar Exam)
Washington:  7/6/2012
West Virginia: Proof of JD needed prior to the exam
Wisconsin: (One week prior to Monday before the exam) 7/16/2012. Dean’s Certificate & Law School Transcript
Wyoming: 6/15/2012-7/1/2012

Last modified: June 26, 2012

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