Possible Exam Types

Exam types are as follows

  • In-class exams: 
    • A timed, proctored exam.
    • Lasts between 3-4 hours.
  • One-day take-home (ODTH): 
    • Students download the exam question from the Exam4 website starting at 7:30am EST on the scheduled exam day.  
    • All ODTH Take-home exams are due by 4:30PM on the scheduled exam day.
    • Exams which are downloaded between 7:30am-8:30am will have 8-hours from the time they download to submit their answer (example: an exam downloaded at 7:45am is due by 3:45pm).
    • ODTH Exams downloaded after 8:30am will not have the full 8-hours to complete and submit by the 4:30pm deadline.  
    • Answers must be uploaded 8 hours later on the same day, and no later than 4:30pm.
  • Any-day take-home (ADTH): 
    • Students may download the exam question from the Exam4 website at anytime beginning at 12:30am EST on the first day of exams.
    • Answers must be electronically submitted 8 hours after the exam question has been downloaded.  Students are responsible for keeping their own time.
    • All answers are due by 4:30pm on the last day of the exam period. 1L students in upper-level courses must follow the upper-level exam period dates.
  • Last-class take-home (LCTH): 
    • Exam questions are handed out at the last class.
    • Answers must be uploaded by 4:30pm on the last day of exam period. 

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Last modified: December 12, 2013

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