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Resume Collection Program

If your organization is unable to participate in our on-campus interview (OCI) programs, we encourage you to register for our Resume Collection Program instead. The resume collection registration process is similar to OCI schedule registration in Symplicity. Resume collection results will include law school transcripts for the EIP, PIIP and FIP - PS programs. More information is provided in the chart below. 

Students submit resumes & transcripts to employers of their choosing and the application results are released to employers at the conclusion of the corresponding OCI program. Employers are then welcome to contact students for interviews at their discretion.

Using the links in the chart below, please visit the website for the resume collection program of interest to your organization for registration and other important details:

Interview Program
Interview Program
Public Interest
Interview Program
Fall Interview Program
Private Sector
(FIP - PS)
Registration deadlineJanuary 27, 2014August 5, 2014August 29, 2014August 29, 2014
Class years eligible1Ls, 2Ls, 3LsRising 2Ls & 3Ls2Ls & 3Ls2Ls & 3Ls
Employers eligibleAllPrivate SectorGovernment, non-profit
and public sector
Small to mid-size
private sector employers
Resume & transcript
release date
February 3, 2014August 18, 2014September 8, 2014September 29, 2014
More informationSIP OverviewEIP OverviewPIIP OverviewFIP - PS Overview


Please direct questions or requests to Steve Donovan, Recruiting Manager, at or 617-495-2959.

Last modified: December 22, 2014

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