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Scheduling an Off-Campus Event

Employers may hold events off-campus; Harvard Square offers many options to choose from.

Request the Date

Employers must contact OCS for approval on the proposed date. OCS will use our best efforts to ensure that an employer’s event will not conflict with exam periods and other blackout dates on the academic calendar, OCS programs, and other employer events.

Follow these steps to secure a date for an employer event off-campus:

  • Go to the OCS Events Calendar. Click on the “Submit Event” button found in the left hand corner of the page.
  • Complete the requested information fields and press "Submit".
  • OCS will review your request and email you within two business days to let you know if your request has been approved. Your event is not approved until you receive written confirmation from OCS.
  • Once your event is confirmed, it will be publicized on Harvard Law School’s Events Calendar, the OCS website, and the OCS Blog, Hire Ground. 
  • In order to accommodate employer interest in recruiting HLS students, two employer events may be scheduled on the same evening. Typically, these events are at staggered times to enable students to attend both events. Please make sure to check the OCS calendar to ensure that there are no potential conflicts that may impact your organization’s event.

Event Logistics

You should reach out to the appropriate contact at the venue to plan the menu.

Policies and Procedures for Law Firm Information Sessions and Receptions

  • Consistent with the NALP Guidelines employers may not communicate directly or indirectly with first year students before December 1. This rule also prohibits informally arranging meetings with 1Ls during the fall recruitment season, even if the contact is student initiated. Invitations to social functions scheduled before December 1 should be directed only to second and third year students.
  • OCS welcomes the opportunity to partner with employers on a variety of programming and events. Partnering with OCS ensures visibility to the entire student population, as well as assistance with logistics to ensure a successful program. For more information on how to effectively partner with OCS and to learn about opportunities to get involved in our programming, click HERE.
  • Individual firm Information sessions or networking receptions must comply with Harvard Law School's non-discrimination policy. These events may be held on-campus in the Wasserstein Conference Center or off-campus. Once the date and time of your event has been approved by OCS, the event will be posted on the OCS Career Events Calendar.
  • Employers that fail to comply with these policies may not be able to utilize the facilities and services of the Office of Career Services.

Thank you for your interest in Harvard Law School students.  Please contact our recruiting department at if you wish to schedule your law firm reception or information session. Please contact Jen Perrigo, Director of Career Services at for more information about partnering with the Office of Career Services on programming opportunities.

Last modified: October 31, 2014

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