Follow Up

Thank You Notes

Always write thank you notes immediately after your interview. A brief but enthusiastic thank you letter written soon after the interview can be particularly effective and should be done automatically. The note keeps your name and face fresh in the employer's mind and expresses your continued interest in the position. These notes add a personal touch to the interview process and they forge the beginnings of a networking contact that could prove useful for you in future job searches. Traditional thank you notes are still preferable to emailed messages unless time is of the essence.

Be sure to include a few personal details of your conversation with the employer, such as your common geographical roots or the fact that you both worked with the same individual at an organization. In addition, enclose any materials requested during the interview, such as a writing sample, law school transcript or a list of references. Finally, offer to forward anything else that might prove helpful to their decision-making process. Refer to the sample thank you letter.


Bring a list of references to your interviews, as you will most likely be asked at the close of the meeting for names of past employers, professors or mentors whom the employer can contact to talk about you and your work experience. Refer to the sample reference sheet.

Last modified: August 07, 2014

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