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Meeting the Cost of Attendance

  • Student Budget

    The standard student budget represents average costs for most students, and establishes an annual limit on financial aid (grants and loans from all sources) available to each student.

  • Meeting Need

    The Financial Aid Program at Harvard Law School is entirely need-based. A student's need is determined by subtracting an assessed family contribution from the cost of attendance (or "student budget").

  • Sample Aid Packages

    Here are two hypothetical aid package examples to illustrate how we met demonstrated financial need at Harvard Law School for the current academic year .

  • Applying for Loans

    You can finance the entire cost of your education through loans, if needed. Student Financial Services provides information and resources to help you through the process of securing loans.

  • About Consumer Debt

    While attending law school, you should be especially wary of using credit cards as a substitute for careful budgeting. 

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