Parent Monthly Cash Flow Web Form


This form has been requested so that we may gain a better understanding of your household's monthly income and expenses. The data you provide here will help us to make a more accurate and fair assessment of your son/daughter's eligibility for need-based financial aid.

We require the Monthly Cash flow Web Form from the following households:

  1. Parent(s)/Step-parent(s) who are not required to file U.S. Federal Returns
  2. Parent(s)/Step-parent(s) who are International and do not file U.S. Federal Returns
  3. Parent(s)/Step-parent(s) who file U.S. Federal Returns, ONLY when the officer has requested the web form because whenever we get a U.S. tax return that shows little or no income and we have questions/concerns about how basic living expenses are being met. (The financial aid officer will contact you if they require this form of you, do not submit if it is not listed on the documents tab of “My HLS Financial Aid.”


HLS requires data from both biological parents and from step-parents if a biological parent has remarried. We ask that each parent/step-parent submit this form separately for their own individual household, if applicable. For biological parents that have remarried we compile total net worth and then divide it in half to remove the 50% that belongs to the step-parent from our eligibility calculation.

Last modified: February 06, 2014

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