HLS Main Online Institutional Application

To begin the financial aid application process the first thing you need to do is submit our main online institutional aid application. Your accurate completion of this online form is an extremely important step in applying for aid at HLS. The answers you provide to questions on this form are submitted electronically to our live processing database and then are used to dynamically determine all of the other documents that we will require from you to complete your preliminary application for aid. As a result, it is very important that you answer all questions on this form correctly; incorrect answers will generate incorrect lists of required documents and consequently lead to delays in the processing of your financial aid.

Some of the questions you will be asked on the form may require you to get both personal and business tax filing information from your parents. Please be sure to read through the entire form and gather all of the necessary information from your parents BEFORE attempting to complete the form. Do not guess the answers to the questions that pertain to your parents' tax filing information, because this can delay the processing of your application.

This form is part of the "MyHLS Financial Aid" system, and can be accessed via the button on the right. 

Last modified: February 05, 2014

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