Restricted Grant Funding Web Form

The HLS Restricted Grant Funding Form is a web form required for all HLS need-based grant recipients as part of step 5 of the financial aid application process. 

This form is REQUIRED from all students receiving Harvard Law School institutional grant or loan assistance. We use the information collected here to allocate our restricted funds according to a particular donor's intended preferences. Your responses to the following questions will have no impact on your grant/loan eligibility status or the actual amount of assistance you have been awarded.

Harvard Law School's grant/loan funds are donated by generous individuals and organizations that often request that we release information to them about the students benefiting from the use of their funds. On your initial application for Financial Aid you were required to give your consent to the Student Financial Services Office to share the specifics of your aid package, as well as your biographical information, with the donors of any grant/loan funds from which you have been awarded. This includes the release of any resume you may have on file with the Office of Career services at HLS.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and you should be assured that we will ONLY release your information in the event that the donor of your particular funding makes a request through the HLS Alumni Office for this information. In some cases, donors may require more detailed biographical information from us about the students receiving money from their funds. Should this be the case you will be contacted directly by the HLS Alumni Office after your scholarship actually disburses onto your student account, usually late November, to provide this information. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this process and for helping us be good stewards of the money we have been so generously given to help students like yourself fund their legal educations.

Last modified: August 26, 2014

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