Trusts and Estates Web Form

We are requiring this form because your son/daughter indicated that you either currently receive income from a trust/estate OR you are the future beneficiary of income/assets held within an IRREVOCABLE trust/estate. We have developed this form in cooperation with a nationally-recognized CPA who specializes in business evaluation and financial aid, in an effort to ensure an equitable distribution of our need-based grant and loan resources. If you do not have a financial interest in a trust/estate, please contact our office so we can adjust your application requirements.

Submission of this web form is the starting point for us in gathering the necessary information we need about the financial interests your parents have in any trust(s)/estate(s). In most cases, submission of this form is sufficient and no more data will be requested in order to determine your eligibility for aid; however, in some cases, upon reviewing this data along with your application for aid in general, a Financial Aid Officer may decide to request more detailed information from your parents which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Federal trust tax documents
  • A copy of the actual trust agreement
  • Documentation of the actual value of the trust corpus

If more information is needed from you, an Officer will contact you after your file has gone to review to obtain these documents.


HLS requires data from both biological parents and from step-parents if a biological parent has remarried. If the trust/estate in question is the primary activity of the step-parent, we will not use the income generated from this trust/estate in the determination of your eligibility for need based aid since we do not include step-parents' income in our analysis of need. However we still need to collect data on trusts/estates because we do factor the net worth of all parental assets into our determination of your eligibility for aid. For biological parents that have remarried we compile total net worth and then divide it in half to remove the 50% that belongs to the step-parent from our eligibility calculation.

A separate submission of this web form must be completed for each distinct trust/estate in which you have an interest.  DO NOT provide combined data for multiple trusts/estates when answering these questions.  We ask that each parent submit this form for all trusts owned by members of their household. This includes all trusts owned by the student's parents and step-parents, whether held jointly or individually.


Although generally not automatically required, should a student be selected to participate in either the Federal Verification process or our internal Institutional Verification process, we may require the STUDENT, themselves, to submit this form for any trusts/estates in which they might have an interest.

Last modified: February 05, 2014

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