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Study Abroad

Program Description:
During your second year of law school or the fall of your third year you can apply to the Study Abroad program via the International Legal Studies program. Once you have been granted approval to study at a foreign institution, you will be required to meet with Student Financial Services prior to leaving for your program abroad.

Financial Aid application Process:
You will apply for financial aid in the same manner as in previous years. See the Apply for Aid section for details on the process. 

Your Student Bill:
The Law School will charge regular Harvard Law School tuition for the period abroad. The tuition costs of the foreign school will be billed to Harvard Law School.  If you receive the bill, please forward it to the International Legal Studies office.   Additionally, you will be charged the regular University Health Services fee and the Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance fee. You may waive either fee for the semester abroad by completing the appropriate paperwork with the Harvard University Insurance Office. NOTE: If a you do not take action to waive one or both of these fees by the cancellation due date, you will be required to pay the fees in full.

Your Student Budget
Your student budget will be increased by $1,500 to compensate for the additional travel and personal expenses related to your study abroad. This increase is eligible for grant assistance, if applicable. Keep in mind that the financial aid program is not able to assist students who pay for rent in two locations.

Summer Work Requirement:
you will be held to the same summer work requirement as in previous years.  If the requirement is not met, a penalty will be imputed. See the Student Contribution from Summer Income section of this web site for details on the summer work requirement.

Cash Advances and Refunds:
If you are eligible to receive a cash advance, you will receive it after you have registered. All cash advance and refund checks are mailed to the official address on file with the Registrar's Office unless you have direct deposit set up with the Student Receivables Office.

Other Considerations
You will be held to the same bill payment schedule as all other HLS students. You need to be certain that you have enough financial aid credits to cover you student Ebill, or make all the necessary payment arrangements prior to leaving for your semester abroad.

For more program-specific details, refer to the Semester Abroad web site or contact Sara Zucker in the International Legal Studies Programs.

Last modified: April 18, 2014

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