Christine A. Desan

Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law


Representative Publications

  • Desan, Christine A. "Beyond Commodification: Contract and the Credit-Based World of Modern Capitalism" in Transformations in American Legal History: Law, Ideology, and Methods: Essays in Honor of Morton J. Horwitz, Volume II (Daniel W. Hamilton & Alfred L. Brophy eds., Harvard University Press, 2010).
  • Desan, Christine A. "The Market as a Matter of Money: Denaturalizing Economic Currency in American Constitutional History," 30 Law and Social Inquiry 1 (2005).
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  • Desan, Christine A. "Contesting the Character of the Political Economy: Rights and Remedies in the Early Republic" in The House and the Senate in the 1790s: Petitioning, Lobbying, and Institutional Development (Kenneth R. Bowling & Donald R. Kennon eds., Ohio University Press, 2002).
  • Desan, Christine A. "The Constitutional Commitment to Legislative Adjudication in the Early American Tradition," 111 Harvard Law Review 1383 (1998).
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