Martha A. Field

Langdell Professor of Law


Representative Publications

  • Field, Martha A. & V. Sanchez. Equal Treatment for People with Mental Retardation (Harvard University Press 2000).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Field, Martha A. "Killing the Handicapped," 16 Harvard Women's Law Journal 79 (1993).
  • Field, Martha A. Surrogate Motherhood (Harvard University Press 2nd ed. 1991).
    Full text: AMAZON (Purchase)
  • Field, Martha A. "Testing for HIV Antibodies: Uses and Abuses," 16 American Journal of Law & Medicine 400 (1990).
  • Field, Martha A. "Sources of Law: The Scope of Federal Common Law," 99 Harvard Law Review 881 (1986).
  • Field, Martha A. "Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority:The Demise of a Misguided Doctrine," 99 Harvard Law Review 84 (1985).
  • Field, Martha A. "The Eleventh Amendment and Other Sovereign Immunity Doctrines," 126 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 515 (1978).


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