Richard J. Lazarus

Howard and Katherine Aibel Professor of Law


Representative Publications

  • Lazarus, Richard J. "The National Environmental Policy Act in the U.S. Supreme Court: A Reappraisal and A Peek Behind the Curtains," 100 Georgetown Law Journal (forthcoming 2012).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Deep Water-The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling-Report to the President of the United States" (2011).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Super Wicked Problems and Climate Change: Restraining the Present to Liberate the Future," 40 Environmental Law Reporter (Third Annual Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review) 10749 (2010).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Docket Capture at the High Court," 199 Yale Law L.J. Online 89 (2009).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Advocacy Matters Before and Within the U.S. Supreme Court: Transforming the Court by Transforming the Bar," 96 Georgetown Law Journal 1487 (2008).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Environmental Law After Katrina: Reforming Environmental Law by Reforming Environmental Lawmaking," 81 Tulane Law Review 1019 (2007).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "The Measure of a Justice: Justice Scalia and the Faltering of the Property Rights Movement within the U.S. Supreme Court," 57 Hastings Law Journal 759 (2006).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Congressional Descent: The Demise of Deliberative Democracy in Environmental Law," 94 Georgetown Law Journal 619 (2006).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Human Nature, the Laws of Nature, and the Nature of Environmental Law," 24 Virginia Environmental Law Journal 231 (2005).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. "Restoring What's Environmental About Environmental Law in the Supreme Court," 47 UCLA Law Review 703 (2000).
  • Lazarus, Richard J. The Making of Environmental Law (University of Chicago Press 1996).


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