Gerald L. Neuman

J. Sinclair Armstrong Professor of International, Foreign, and Comparative Law


Representative Publications

  • Neuman, Gerald L. "The Extraterritorial Constitution after Boumediene v. Bush," 82 Southern California Law Review 259 (2009).
  • Neuman, Gerald L. "Import, Export, and Regional Consent in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights," 19 European Journal of International Law 101 (2008).
  • Neuman, Gerald L. "Discretionary Deportation," 20 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 611 (2006).
  • Neuman, Gerald L. "Human Rights and Constitutional Rights: Harmony and Dissonance," 55 Stanford Law Review 1863 (2003).
  • Neuman, Gerald L. "Habeas Corpus, Executive Detention, and Alien Removal," 98 Columbia Law Review 961 (1998).
  • Neuman, Gerald L. Strangers to the Constitution: Immigrants, Borders, and Fundamental Law (Princeton University Press 1996).
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