Faculty Workshops and Faculty Colloquia

Winter 2015


Spring 2015

  • Monday, January 26
    Martha C. Nussbaum
    WCC Milstein East C
    Anger and Forgiveness: Resentment, Generosity, Justice
  • Thursday, January 29
    Chantal Thomas
    WCC Milstein East C
    Re-Reading Weber in Law and Development
  • Monday, February 9
    William (Terry) Fisher
    Online Legal Education
  • Thursday, February 12
    Sergio Campos
    WCC Milstein West B
    A Trust Model of the Class Action
  • Thursday, February 19
    David Skeel
    WCC Milstein West B
    Governance Reform and the Judicial Role in Municipal Bankruptcy” (with Clayton Gillette)
  • Thursday, February 26
    John Golden
    WCC Milstein West B
    Redundancy: When Law Repeats Itself
  • Thursday, March 5
    Jennifer Chacón
    WCC Milstein West B
    Legal Liminality: Decriminalization & Deferred Action
  • Thursday, March 12
    Stephen Greenblatt
    WCC Milstein West B
  • Thursday, March 26
    Michelle Anderson
    WCC Milstein West B
  • Thursday, April 2
    Noa Ben-Asher
    WCC Milstein West B
  • Thursday, April 9
    Urs Gasser
    WCC Milstein East C
  • Thursday, April 16
    Mark Wu
    WCC Milstein East C
    The WTO’s 'China, Inc.' Challenge
  • Thursday, April 23
    Charles Ogletree
    WCC Milstein East C


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