Mark J. Ramseyer: Selected Published Papers

The Case for Managed Judges: Learning from Japan after the Political Upheaval of 1993
with Eric. B. Rasmusen

154 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1879 (2006)

Japanese Industrial Finance at the Close of the 19th Century: Trade Credit and Financial Intermediation

with Yoshiro Miwa

43 Explorations in Economic History 94 (2006)

Does Relationship Banking Matter? The Myth of the Japanese Main Bank

with Yoshiro Miwa

2 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 261 (2005)

Who Apoints Them, What Do They Do? Evidence on Outside Directors from Japan

with Yoshiro Miwa

14 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 299 (2005)

Economizing Legal D-B8

2 Berkeley Business Law Journal 25 (2005)

Conflicts of Interest in Japanese Bank Insolvencies: The Problem of Bank Rescues

with Yoshiro Miwa

2 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 301 (2005)

Directed Credit? The Loan Market in High Growth Japan

with Yoshiro Miwa

13 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 171 (2004)

Capitalist Politicians, Socialist Bureaucrats? Legends of Government Planning from Japan

with Yoshiro Miwa

48 Antitrust Bulletin 595 (2003)

Does Ownership Matter? Evidence from the Zaibatsu Dissolution Program

with Yoshiro Miwa

12 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 67 (2003)

The Value of Prominent Directors: Corporate Governance and Bank Access in Traditional Japan

with Yoshiro Miwa

31 Journal of Legal Studies 273 (2002)

The Myth of the Main Bank: Japan and Comparative Corporate Governance

with Yoshiro Miwa

27 Law And Social Inquiry 401 (2002)

Banks and Economic Growth: Implications from Japanese History

with Yoshiro Miwa

45 Journal of Law and Economics 127 (2002)

The Fable of the Keiretsu

with Yoshiro Miwa

11 Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 169 (2002)

Why Are Japanese Judges So Conservative in Politically Charged Cases?

with Eric B. Rasmusen

95 American Political Science Review 331 (2001)

Why Is the Japanese Conviction Rate So High?

with Eric B. Rasmusen

30 Journal of Legal Studies 53 (2001)

Skewed Incentives: Paying for Politics as a Japanese Judge

with Eric B. Rasmusen

190 (January-February 2000)

Naked Exclusion: Reply

with Eric B. Rasmusen and John Shepard Wiley, Jr.

90 American Economics Review 310 (2000)

Rethinking Relationship-Specific Investments: Subcontracting in the Japanese Automobile Industry

with Yoshiro Miwa

98 Michigan Law Review 2636 (2000)

Corporate Governance in Transitional Economies: Lessons from the Pre-War Japanese Cotton Textile Industry

with Yoshiro Miwa

29 Journal of Legal Studies 171 (2000)

Judicial Independence in a Civil Law Regime: The Evidence from Japan

with Eric B. Rasmusen

13 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 259 (1997)

Those Japanese Firms with their Disdain for Shareholders: Another Fable for the Academy

with Steven N. Kaplan

74 Washington University Law Quarterly 403 (1996)

Products Liability through Private Ordering: Notes on a Japanese Experiment

95 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1823 (1996)

The Market for Children: Evidence from Early Modern Japan

11 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 127 (1995)

The Puzzling (In)dependence of Courts: A Comparative Approach

23 Journal of Legal Studies 721 (1994)