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Developing Case Studies

Case studies and other experiential classroom materials can open doors for students to be more participative in class discussions, to actively solve problems outlined in the case, and to learn not only from the instructor, but from each other. While the case method provides opportunities for participant-centered learning, it is not without challenges. The first and perhaps most significant challenge is to develop case studies that fit with your overall course, fulfill the specific learning objectives for the class sessions, and effectively engage students in class discussions. Luckily, the Case Studies Program at HLS is here to help! With over 10 years of case development experience, our case studies staff can provide end-to-end support for your case-related needs. To get started, contact Lisa Brem, case studies program manager, at or (617) 495-8689.

Case study planning
  • Discuss placement within a course, workshop, or seminar
  • Discuss learning goals
  • Brainstorm and research case topics
Research and writing
  • Interview subjects and conduct library research
  • Draft, edit, and finalize documents, including case study, epilogue or follow-up, background notes, exhibits, and other supplements
  • Work with case study subjects and other sources to obtain permissions for final case
Teaching support, publication, and distribution
  • Help prepare teaching plan
  • Research and suggest supplemental readings or video clips to augment the case study issues
  • Attend class for inaugural teaching
  • Draft and/or edit subsequent teaching note, module notes, and/or course notes
  • Edit and format material(s) for website publication (for more information on the publication process see: Submitting Your Case Study)
Last modified: March 12, 2013

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