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What’s an InstaClass? A class designed especially for you (and four or more fellow students) on any legal research topic. The Library’s legal research specialists will design a class specifically to meet your needs – whether preparing for a law firm or public interest job, working on a clinical project, getting ready to write a research paper, or just curiosity.

Any group of 5 or more law students can order a custom class. To request a class, please complete this form and we will call or email you to set the date and time. Typical subjects include administrative/regulatory research, treaties and international agreements research, securities law research, immigration law research, tax research, legislative history, EU research, free and low-cost legal research, or research in a foreign jurisdiction, policy research, statistical research, and much more.

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Who will attend?
  1. Insta-classes can be arranged for a minimum of 5 students. Please provide the names and email addreses of at least four other students who wish to attend the research session with you.
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What would you like to know or learn about?
  1. Please provide a brief description of the area of law or issue about which you’d like research instruction, in the space provided below. An example of a description could be: How would I prepare a legislative history for a federal statute? How would I find the national laws of member states of the European Union regarding human rights? I’m planning to practice tax (IP, labor, securities, etc.) law, and I want to know the best methods for researching in that area.
When would you like to meet?
  1. Please provide available dates and times (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) during which everyone in your group can meet over the next 3 weeks, in the space provided below. Typical classes are an hour long. If you want a shorter or longer class, let us know.
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